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Vtv Crew Live in Kalaignar Tv.

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Original Credits to :

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Exclusive : Vtv video Clips.

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Do not encourage Piracy. Watch the movie at the theatres.


Hariharan Gajendran

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Fans Celebration at Hosur.

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Wishes To Deepan.

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Simbucentral with regards to the entire fans fraternity of Yss Silambarasan wishes Deepan Boopathy a warm and blessful wishes for his Birthday which falls this Monday March 1st.

A person who is calm and shares the dignity of being around for the fans of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan. We wish you a good health and prosperity Deepan.


Hariharan Gajendran

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Simbucentral Exclusive for Fans.

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A Pic to keep as a reminder. A picture to celebrate with , we at simbucentral along with Reena creations have worked on this picture to make fans hold love in their desktop.

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Simbu and Trisha do Guest role In Telugu Version Of VTv.

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Our Pride, Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan and Princess Trisha have done a guest role in the Telugu Version of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya titled Yem Maaya Chesaave.

The movie Stars Nag Chaitanya the Son of Heart Throb Nag Arjun and the heroine is Samantha a new comer.
It is said that the theatres where upto loud cheers when Simbu and trisha entered the screen.

We wish the telugu Film to do well too.


Hariharan Gajendran

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Its pouring Reviews for Vtv Now.

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With the launch of the Valentine Hick Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, Fans are all hitting the theatres for the tickets world wide. And yesterday there was a premiere that was held and all the top celebrities took part. Distributor Udhaynidhi and Karthiga Udhanidhi where also present. Suriya came along with heart throb Jothika.

Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan was accompanied by his brother , Friends and Sister. Trisha came in with Ramya Krishnan and Sidney.

We wish the crew all the best for this venture. Well now, check the reviews on other websites..

Click here for Sify.

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Goutham opens up on VTv to Movie Buzz.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Gautham Vasudev Menon loves to play to the gallery. Not necessarily in the kind of films that he makes but the kind of quotes he belts out to the media. He has made gems like Minnale, Kaakha Kaakha and the recent Varanam Aayiram. Sridevi Sreedhardelves into the mind of a sensitive filmmaker as his romantic musical Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya gets ready for release. Excerpts from a free wheeling conversation, as he celebrates his birthday today.

Many Many Happy returns of the day. What’s your plan for the day? 
Thanks a ton (smiles). Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is all set for release on Friday (Feb 26) worldwide. As usual, I am facing pre-release jitters and last evening I came home after despatching the overseas prints. The first copy of the Telugu version, which is also having a simultaneous release, was given three days back to the producers. I plan to spend my birthday with my family and in the evening I am holding a special show for my close friends, cast and crew of the film. I am too tensed to have a party (smiles). And the best birthday gift that I am getting, is to hear that the film has taken an awesome opening at the advance booking counters all over Tamilnadu.

What is the genre of the film? 
It is a realistic take on love and works on the theory that what happens on screen need not happen in real life. It is an out and out love story, a genre which I am doing after Minnale. All my last few releases were action films with romance in the backdrop and my friends asked me to make a straight romantic musical. So I decided to make a simple love story which slowly became an intense love story. I realised it only when people in the censor board gave the film an UA certificate. They thought that the subject is so intense that they were forced to give it an UA certification.

Today Gautham Menon is a brand and people come to the theatres to watch your films. Please comment. 
I am happy to hear that. But all I have to say is that please come to the theatres without any expectations and enjoy some good songs. It is a love story of two people Karthik and Jessy over a period of almost three years. The film is conversation driven and everybody will identify with my lead pair. I have not made them act and most of the time I asked Simbu and Trisha to be natural and it was more like capturing them on candid camera.

The music of AR Rahman has not appealed to all section of people. They say, it’s too classy and western? 
I beg to differ on this as going by sales according to Sony Music, the audio is a super hit. And even when I had discussions with Rahman in the beginning, I told him that I didn’t want the usual kind of songs. It’s not like a Tamil commercial album as the songs do not have a pallavi or charanam. And trust me; everybody is going to love the songs more after watching the film.

Like all your films, is Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya aimed at Multiplex A class audiences? 
I have never written a film aiming at A, B or C class audiences. It is critics and trade who differentiate the audiences. I think that a man in Theni, Chennai or New York can relate to a good movie. All my films have a universal subject which will appeal to everybody.

You have been often in the news for the kind of quotes you give out to the media, be it on Bheema, or films made by other directors. Please comment? 
I think, I’ve been misquoted a few times. A far as Bheema goes, yes I had said that it was not a good film. But recently a Tamil magazine misquoted me when they wrote about my comments on director Sasikumar. I have great regards for Sasi and like the films that he has made and in fact I had asked him to direct one of the films that I will be producing shortly. I had called Sasi and apologised for what had happened. Regarding Ameer, I still stand with my comment that he should have never acted in Yogi and should stick to direction which he is very good at. I think media always like fall guys like me and hence they target me. I never vehemently criticize other directors and recently I liked Selva’s Aayirathil Oruvan, which I thought was a brilliant effort.

Recently you had a tiff with Manjula the producer of the Telugu version of Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya?
Yes, she agreed to pay me my salary plus fifty percent of the profits of the film. I finished the film in 55 days but she could not sell the film and later demanded my salary back and filed a complaint against me in the producer’s council. I gave her back the 1. 6 Crores and now she is releasing the film herself. I regret doing a film with people who have no passion or knowledge of good cinema. But it was an eye-opener and will not do the film that we were supposed to do with Mahesh Babu in the lead.

How was it working with Silambarasan and Trisha? 
There is a fine actor inside Simbu and he has done a brilliant job in my film. He used to get his emotions correct in a single take and his dancing is superb. Given a chance, I would love to work with him again. Trisha is a sweetheart and a wonderful actor to work with. They have done a brilliant job and the chemistry is intact. Most of the time they were natural and did not know that I was capturing them; it was like a candid camera.

But you had said that they fell in love during the making or was it a publicity stunt by the director himself? 
(Laughs) I am a director, not a pimp!

Original Credits : 

To Sridevi Sreedhar

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Wishes to Goutham Vasudev Menon.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan, We wish our Ace Film Maker Thiru. Goutham Vasudev Menon a Very happy birthday. We wish you spend you life happily with your family and sons.


Hariharan Gajendran

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Gowtham Menon asks buffs to come across the skies.

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Original Source: Credits to

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Reservations open across London.

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  • TBC


    Release Date: 26 February 2010
    Director: Gautham Menon
    Starring: Silambarasan, Trisha
    Billed as 'an AR Rahman musical in a Gautham Vasudev Menon film', and starring Silambarasan and Trisha, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (Will you cross the skies for me?) is one of 2010's most anticipated Tamil movies.
    Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

Book tickets now!

Thu 04 Mar

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Vtv Show time at Switzerland.

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Vtv US Show Timings.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Ever since he made his debut, Silambarasan has been Kollywood’s favourite whipping boy. The good looking actor has always found himself in the centre of unwanted controversies and more often than not, it hasn’t been complementary. But Simbu has not allowed all the negativity to overwhelm him. The actor recently drew a lot of praise for his looks in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya(VTV). He seems to have got a new lease of life and is grabbing it with both hands!

Careful about his film selections and even more focussed on life in general, I meet a whole new and transformed Simbu.

So are you tensed on the eve of the release of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, a film that you worked hard for more than a year?
To be frank, I am always tensed and anxious before the release of my any film so far. But trust me, I saw VTV yesterday and am totally bowled over by the way Gautham has presented it and AR Rahman’s re-recording is awesome. I am so happy and confident that everyone will love the film and critics will not have a single comment to make about it.

Tell us something about Karthik the character you play in the film? 
Karthik is a very normal guy who falls in love with a girl instantly. He is an assistant director who is dreaming of becoming a director one day and makes it big. My love with Jessy played by Trisha is very natural and life like.

What according to you are the highlights? 
Karthik and Jessy are the biggest highlight. The simplicity in the way Gautham has presented a beautiful love story along with Rahman’s songs makes the film a must watch. None of the songs are thrust into the film and they come along with the narrative. The making is of international quality, including the presentation, characterisation and acting. Everything is subtle and has a touch of class.

Do you think that Simbu the actor will have a new image after the release of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya?
(Smiles) I will be respected and loved by everyone. Remember that afterManmathan, I got a new image in the industry and now after VTV, I will get another image and will take me to the next level. I was so touched after watching the film and right now I am on cloud nine. There are no mass elements, kuthu songs, introduction scenes, glamour or punchlines. It is a pure love story with Gautham’s magical touch.

Are there two climaxes in the film as reported by a section of the press? 
Not at all. There is only one climax which will be a rocker. It will leave a lump in your throat and the characters will be etched in your heart.

You seems to be all in awe of Gautham Menon. Please comment? 
Yes, he is one of the best directors that I have come across. He never thrusts anything on his actors. He gives respect to his artists and gets back the same. He never asks us to ‘do this’ or ‘don’t do that’. Before every shot, he says that this is the way I want it and leaves the rest for us to take it forward. He has a brilliant way with artists and gives them total freedom. I enjoyed every moment I worked with him.

But why did you decide to opt out of KV Anand’s Ko?
As a director, I consider Ko as KV Anand’s second film. And like I told you earlier, my comfort level with my director matters a lot. If the director starts dictating and orders me to - go cut your hair, do this, do that and behave like this, even before the shoot then how do you work with him? I believe that there is way to get your things done and that mutual respect should be of prime importance. If I am unhappy about all this, isn’t it better to move out of the project than go ahead and work with him, which will not make me happy?

So what’s your next film? 
(Laughs) Even I don’t know. And right now, I am anxiously waiting to hear the reports of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. I just loved the film and for the first time, in my career, I loved myself in the film as I saw myself in Karthik. He is so much like me.

Are you in love? What is it that you are looking in a life partner? 
No. These rumours are all very random and frustratingly untrue. I am truly in love with my work. I just want an ordinary girl from an ordinary world who will make my world extraordinary (smiles).

The Interview was given by Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan to Sridevi Sreedhar @Moviebuzz of a leading Media Personality and a sound Editor in the field of Kollywood Cinema.

Simbucentral with regards to the entire Simbu Fans Fraternity thanks the author for this interview.


Hariharan Gajendran

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Show Times Abroad for VTv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With the release of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya raising expectations across the globe, we are here with few of the show times in the Foreign Countries.

I can't understand German Personally, but the source is perfect and you can find the timing here by clicking this link here.

Or check the picture below.

Fans from France can check the timings in the picture below.

Fans From Cananda , Toronto Check these

Cineplex Odeon First Markham Place
2:30 PM | 6:30 PM | 10:10 PM
Hwy 7 & Fairburn Dr,Markham ON, A1A 9Z9

Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas
2:00 PM | 6:20 PM | 10:00 PM
22 Lebovic Avenue ,Toronto ON, M1L 4V9 416-752-4494

Coliseum Scarborough
2:10 PM | 6:10 PM | 10:00 PM
Scarborough Town Centre, 300 Borough Drive,Scarborough ON, M1P 4P5

Inset Picture : To show that Tamils are spread everywhere.


Hariharan Gajendran

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Vtv Premiere in London.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya starring our Thalaivan YSs Silambarasan and Princess Trisha will be released on 26th across the world and in London theatre Cineworld is screening the movie at 18:20 hours in two locations.

* Wandsworth
* Feltham

Simbucentral's London wing will be there to watch the movie on its premiere world wide. It will also be a place where all Simbu Fans can get along.

I myself will be there along with the Simbu London Fans Fraternity to show the strength of the Fan base that our Thalaivan has in London.

All Fans are expected to be there along with their friends and family. The movie is censored as PG "Parential Guidance". The pictures will be uploaded here in Simbucentral and if possible a video, on which you can express your wishes to Simbu and the Vtv Crew.

The Areacode is mentioned below.

Areacodes :

Cineworld - Wandsworth @ 18:20

Wandsworth High Street, Southside Shopping Centre, London, SW18 4TF

Cineworld - Feltham        @ 18:00

Air Park Way, Leisure West, Feltham, TW13 7LX


Hariharan Gajendran

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Goutham shoots different Climax For Telugu and Tamil.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu
5:02 PM

Four More Days to Fall in Love.

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1:21 PM

Wishes to MOM

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity and beloved brothers and sisters and Loyal-lites of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan, We wish Mom Usha Rajendar a very prosperous birthday wishes.

 We don't have the right age to wish her, still Mam we thank you for giving us our beloved brother.

We your Son's wish you Mam, to attain the prosperity and light in the upcoming future.

With Regards

Hariharan Gajendran

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Simbu and Gowtham Interview in Vijay Tv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Ps : If you guys find the video un viewable you can try this link.

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Gowtham Menon's Out For Lunch in NDTV.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

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Vtv at 350 Screens.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

News, news and news it is all news for Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan's fans. With VTv about to release this Friday 26th February, it is said that Red Giant Movies the distributor of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya has planned to show the movie in 350 screens across the world. Chennai alone as 16 Theatres screening the movie. The distributor is planning to screen the movie in an other 50 screens.

With Speculations growing up for the movie, rumors started to flow in that Ace Director Gowtham Menon has shot two climax for the movie, which the Director has rejected as Gossip.

It is also said that Sathyam Cinemas will have have a Premiere show for all the celebrities on the first week of its release. We believe that it is on the 28th of February. 

A scoop news for the fans. Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan will address the fans after the movie release on his upcoming movie and also on why he opted out of Ko and whether Asin is in Vaaliban or not.


Hariharan Gajendran

7:20 PM

Rhythm of Love at Kingston University London.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Penrhyn Road
Kingston-upon Thames

TIME : 6.00PM-12.00PM

Free Snack bag- including mutton rolls! :D

The night is also colour themed.
Green - if your relationship status is free and looking
Orange- hmmmmmmm maybe if your lucky i'll consider you
Red- OK i'm seriously taken.
Some of the most popular things to look forward to:

As it is the Uni's student bar expect unbelievably cheap drinks and shot! (yes even lower than the normal club prices.) Now thats more than a good reason to attend! Come along and get smashed!

*Performances by our kingston University students.
*Dance Offs and live karaokes.
*Raffles to win What means the most to students - (Exclusive 1st prize- JD Bottle and 2nd prize A valentines day Teddy bear)
*Pool competitions - With a prize to be won!
*Finest RnB's and Hip Hop played by the finest DJ around- Thendral Dj's.
AND last but not least Gaana to rock your senses!


Dress code: Ladies: Dress to impress! less is more! :)
Gents: Smart
No hoodies or Trainers!

Ticket Prices: £4 Only in advance (including the free snack bag)

For Tickets Contact: Priya: 07507138913
Regitha: 07835311800
Rubini: 07546912718


TAmilargalin Thaagam ... Tamil Eela Suthanthira Thaayagam.

9:32 AM

Its Lingusamy to clear the Rumors.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu Cleared all the rumours saying that the movie with Venkat prabhu will happen later and that he will work on Vaaliban and with Lingusamy this time. The movie will be directed by Lingusamy himself. And a recent speculation is that Asin is approached for the lead actress in Vaaliban.

In a recent Interview to a Web portal he has confirmed that there are wide spread rumours that is going around. But the movie with Mani ratnam is almost on cards.

It is also said that a leading producer approached Simbu for a whopping 7 crore salary. But Simbu is taking time to consider the offers.

7:00 PM

Its Venkat Prabhu's Movie with Simbu For Diwali.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After the huge speculations on KO and then with Lingusamy's Utthama Puthiran it is now speculated that it will be Venkat Prabhu's Film for Simbu that will have Yuvan Shankar Raja Scoring the music and will mostly have Aravind Krishna to handle the camera. Ace Editor Anthony is signed in as per the sources and it is also reported that Premgi will come along Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan.
Tamanaah is said to be roped in which will be produced by Lingusamy. We may wonder why Boopathy Pandian is left off now. The movie Utthama Puthiran is not dropped it is put on hold for the director to finish his un named movie with Chiyaan Vikram.

The un named movie will be a June/July release. With Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya around the sleeve, every one are expecting a valentine fare. We wish the crew of VTv as well as Venkat Prabhu for the venture.

And to the fans all over. Please take Pictures of the fans celebration on the eve of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Audio launch and mail it to to be displayed here in simbucentral.

11:04 PM

VTv special show. Valentine express.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

2:17 PM

A Picture of Simbu to Celebrate.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

When Pictures speak thousand words. Here is a picture that will make each and every Fanatic of Thalaivan YSs Silambarasan go merry. We are proud to give this one to you.

And a Copyright issue to the so called Competitors.
Use our Slogan

Haters talent is to humiliate and to criticize Simbu and Simbu's Talent is to be Multi-Talented. But give the Credits, else accept that you are unfit to be a competitor.


Hariharan Gajendran

11:40 AM

Simbu throws a fare in Fishermen's Cove.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

To download the stills in High Quality, click the slide show and it will redirect you to picasa, from where all the images can be downloaded.

Simbucentral Special Release without water marks.

10:54 AM

Vtv Gets U/A Certificate.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya the powerful love entertainer by Gowtham Menon with the Musical presence of Mozart of India A.r.Rahman, Starring Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan was censored today and was certified as U/A by the Censor board of Chennai.

The Censor board Syndicate members have revealed that the movie has been the first of its kind to show such a beautiful and powerful love story with lots of emotions and feelings. Moreover it is said that Trisha and Silambarasan have delivered their best and stood by the characters.

Firstly, it was said that the Kissing Scene between Trisha and Simbu was subjected to be removed. But after watching the entire movie they where happy with the theme of the story which required that scene.And the Censor board members said that it was one of the best picturised Kissing scene after Idhayathai Thirudaathey by His Highness Movie Genius Maniratnam.

It is also said that Trisha's performance as Jessie is a delight to watch and the onscreen chemistry with Silambarasan is a Treat for the movie fans.

The Movie is now slated to release on 26th of February all over the world. In India it is marketed and distributed by Humble Udhaynidhi Stalin's Red Giant Movies.

12:06 AM

His highness Sir Maniratnam to direct Simbu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Ace film director Mr.Maniratnam will direct thalaivan Yss Silambarasan. Talks are on and every thing is positive. We will update more on this awesome news.

Ps: Hq pictures of the birthday party will be released in a couple of days. Sorry for the delay.


Hariharan Gajendran

President Simbu Central

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Vtv Promo at City Center.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu


Persons who participated and won the competition where given a Tee Shirt with Vtv written on it and also a Audio Cd.

2:39 PM

Simbu in Maanada Mayilaada Finals.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu


1:34 AM

A Special Promo Of Kannukul Kannai Veithu Song.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Just wonder how Simbu would have danced for the song. And This is SimbuCentral For you guys.

Thanks to J.R.Media Works.


Hariharan Naidu

7:47 AM

A small Gift to Thalaivan Silambarasan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

This is just a trailer, await the full length video. 

7:16 AM

Exclusive : Simbu Birthday bash at ECR.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

All leading stars right from Thala Ajith, Supreme Star Sarath Kumar, Gowtham Menon, Princess Trisha, Thala's wife Shalini Ajith  Kumar, Premgi, Venkat Prabhu, Editor Anthony, Bharath, Silambaatam Director Saravanan,  Anjaathey Narein and many other leading celebrities came to wish our Thalaivan Silambarsan on Feb 3rd at a Private hotel in ECR.

12:25 PM

The real Scenario on why Simbu Walked off Ko.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

An aspiring film for Simbu, this was what many personalities described on the movie Ko, which was to be directed by K.V.Anand. But why did our Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan walk off it? The fact is, our hero was happy with the story that was told at the beginning, but later Cameraman turned Director changed the story. At this point Simbu did say he didn't like the change, but he left it to the director.

Later when the Director was firm to bring in Karthiga, Simbu again said it won't be good as her market value is lesser. But the Director was again firm and didn't listen to Thalaivan. Even then our Brother stood with his words of doing the movie. But things changed when the Director was taking decisions without the knowledge of Simbu in choosing the artists and the schedule of the movie. Later it was even asked that he should do a make over, which would make Simbu idle at home for the entire year.

After a serious discussion yesterday with his close associates and parents, he decided to walk away from the movie.He also spoke to K.V.Anand and expressed it and they signed off on the wellness of each other.

 A place where thoughts are over ruled isn't a good place for our hero.

Fans of Simbu should stay shoulder to shoulder to support the move of our Thalaivan Thiru Silambarasan. It is said that Vaaliban or Utthama Puthiran will start shortly.

And yesterday Simbu throwed a party to his friends at Fishermans Cove located in ECr. It was said many celebrities attended the party and wished our Thalaivan for his wellness.

Ps : Actor Jeeva is signed officially in the movie now.


Hariharan Naidu
Simbu Central

6:40 PM

Lyric : Nam Thalaivan Irukiraan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It has been 25 years of dramatic life for our Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan, but we still find the same good personality in him. A person with the perfect control of attitude and egoism, our hero has proved that age is not a barrier and that he is a multi talented personality.

With evolving himself as the next big change in the Cine Industry, the title was aptly changed too. From Little Super star to Young Super Star. It is not just words here. He has really changed himself. 

Gone are days, when people always spoke bad about our brother "gossips". It is all praise for our brother Simbu these days and this has bought in a huge change in his life. The words below expresses the gratitude we have for him.

Oru Thaliavan avan irukiraan,Nammai Vali nadathukiraan,
Theeraatha Sinthanai Alikiraan, Sagotharanai nammai Paarkiraan.

Thalaivan endrum oruvaney, Nam Thalaivan endrum Nam Tholaney.
Mugathil Punnagain tharugiraan, nam manathil thembondru padaikiraan.

Valiyinil Vilakaai Irukiraan. Namm Vaalvil Vilipunarchi Tharugiraan.
Thanga Tamilanai Jolikiraan, Ezhai Elioyurukaaga Vaalgiraan.

Kaaviyam Padaika thudilkiraan, Nam Kangalil Kanneerai Thudaikiraan.
Sanga Tamilinai Valarka Nirkiraan.

Thaai Kulathai Mathikiraan, Theeyorai Methikiraan.
Nam Thalaivan Endrum Naayaganey.. Tamilagathu Manmathaney.

Thalaivan Oruvan Irukiraan, Silambarasan endra peyaril Nirkiraan.

Lyric by Hariharan Gajendran

President Simbucentral.

6:10 PM

Exclusive : Simbu 25 Event Stills.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

12:59 AM

Exclusive : Footage of Simbu in Goa as a Birthday gift.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

12:15 AM

Happy Birthday to Thalaivan Silambarasan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Oru Thaliavan avan irukiraan, Emmai Vali nadathukiraan,
Theeraatha Sinthanai Alikiraan, Sagotharanai emmai Paarkiraan.

Thalaivan endrum oruvaney, Yem Thalaivan endrum yem Tholaney.
Mugathil Punnagain tharugiraan, yem manathil thembondru padaikiraan.

Valiyinil Vilakaai Irukiraan. Yem Vaalvil Vilipunarchi Tharugiraan.
Thalaivan Oruvan Irukiraan, Silambarasan endra peyaril Nirkiraan.

Brother even when the skies get down to our knees, asking to seldom you, we won't.
We love you and we will be loyal to you.
Happy birthday.

With Regards to the entire Fans Federation and Online Fans Federation, We wish you a bless full birthday wishes.

PS : Every Fan of Thalaivan Silambarasan are asked to come to Pasumpon Thevar Mandapam at Tnagar for the Birthday celebration.


Your Loyal

Hariharan Naidu

2:45 PM

Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan at Jaggubhai Premiere.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We are giving this pics without water marks for every one to share it.

2:33 PM

Track List of Ye Maaya Chesaave : VTv Telugu Version.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

2:27 PM

Its Grammy for A.R.Rahman

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

When awards get insane for our Maestro A.R.Rahman it pours in more with gods grace and his talents. Yesterday the Maestro of Indian music from our own Tamil Soil won two grammy awards, all he had to say his that
This is Insane, God is great again.
On the occasion of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on sunday, Maestro Ar.Rahman won two awards for his spectacular music from Oscar Award Winning film "Slum dog Millionaire."

With two nominations for him he won both for best compilation soundtrack for a Motion Picture and for the best Motion Picture song Jai Ho.

Simbucentral with regards to entire Tamil Cinema and Simbu Loyal Fanatics wish our beloved Maestro A.R.Rahman on this occasion. Thanks Sir for getting us all the pride.

Picture Courtesy : The official portal of Ar.Rahman.