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6:56 PM

Birthday wishes to Arvin.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hi all, We take immense pleasure in wishing our beloved Content Writer Arvin Subramanian a very happy and prosperous birthday. Simbu Central would not have been at a positon where it is right now, without all our moderators, officers and content writers and Arvin is one such pillar who holds our fort.

With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity of Simbucentral we wish you all success ahead. Simbucentral is not a private family. Its a Family of Loyal s who dedicate themselves to our Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan,

- Hariharan Gajendran

Loyals of Silambarasan are not Fabricated, they are Dedicated.

4:40 PM

Its Party time for Simbu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It has a been a quite easy ride for our Simbu this season with Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya grossing huge collections and setting up love examples. Simbu is now a busy man, and has quite changed a lot, the character Karthik as evaded his bondness to wild wire and he has lost his attitude to a level. Normally when Simbu's movie releases we can see him announcing his next film in quick succession, but this time its all a surprise to fans and media that he hasn't announced a movie even after the movie completed 91 days.

I personally was quite amused as Simbu never does something like that. So here are the details that we managed to understand and ready to share with the Fans. Simbu is not taking rest. He his shooting for a untitled movie with Lingusamy in and around Chennai. Parts of Shots with Simbu alone are getting shot silently and to the shock , the lead actress is not yet identified. The movie is canned in a rapid force and it is said that the shoot will go on till June 2nd week and after which our brother will leave to UK - London for Podaa Podi.

Again a surprise, now this has to be watched. Normally our Brother Simbu announces his next move, but this time, Lingusamy said that Simbu will shoot Podaa Podi first schedule between June and July and will come back to the sets of his Untitled movie. And again Varalakshmi Sarathkumar said that she was happy to meet the crew by June for the shoot. No wonder, our Simbu is understood only by the Gods.

Recently Simbu was spot at a huge party in Chennai with his friends. He was amused and enjoying each and every moment. Now its time we celebrate too as our VTV is nearing the 100 days mark.

Ps : A reporter I recently spoke with said, brother , your hero seems to be moulding himself into a super star. Every one are praising him, and we are sure that the lady luck is shining on him and let him hold the shine. Well its time that reporters barged him and that they are now ready to support him.

For all Fans we have news that there is a new set of guys who are using our Pictures as well as the Fan page of Silambarasan in their site, claiming they are official. We are not bothered for them saying they are official as we ourself aren't interested on it, but we are worried with the usage of news and images from our site, which serves for the loyal fans as well as we are worried that they will show case our brothers name in a bad way.

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5:32 PM

‘Love should strike and devastate’ : Simbhu

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It took just one film for Simbu to break free from the rest and race ahead. All without performing a single eye-popping stunt, spouting a smart line that would become common parlance, or changing getups. He just played Karthik, a boy-next-door, uncertain at first, then ecstatic and, finally, tormented by his love.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa by Gautham Vasudev Menon didn’t just buck the trend of potboiler films that were mere showcases for superstardom, it gave Simbu new direction and, by the star’s own admission, has set him on a different path. He now wants his roles to go beyond dishum-dishum and exaggerated style.

 He’s currently working on Podaa Podi with Vignesh Shivaa, who’s also a school friend. “And the project with Lingusamy will also be a more balanced film — by which, I mean a more sensible mix of commercial elements and sensible art,” he says.

There was a realness to the way Simbu and Trisha translated their emotions on screen. “Perhaps, if I were to see a girl and fall in love in an instant, that’s the way I would’ve expressed myself,” Simbu says. And, no, it’s not happening in real life right now for him. “I’ve been single for the past three years or so, waiting to discover that moment,” he says.

“After Vinnai..., I see girls who would earlier just watch Simbu, the actor, from a distance, now come up and approach me. It proves to be a problem at times,” he says, “Because I don’t believe it’s about meeting someone, getting to know them and falling in love. Love has to strike you, hit you, devastate you, all in a flash.” Just the way Karthik in the movie experienced it.

And yes, he says, he believes in eternal love even in this age of speed dating and when it’s an online status message that announces it’s over.

Source : Times of India
Author : Priya Bala

11:31 PM

Ad : Raamar Trailer

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The Movie is taken by Aadhiraaja an Assistant of V.Durai "Thotti Jaya". The hero is Vinay Dutta a friend of us as well as our Thalaivans family. We wish the director and the actor all the best.

Ps : The Ad symbol is put to show that it does not have anything with the simbucentral organisation. We are not paid for this act. It is purely for a support to show case talents.

- Hariharan Gajendran

4:27 PM

Siddarth Speaks about Simbhu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Boys Hero Siddarth is all praise for Youth Icon, Yss Silambarasan. He has mentioned Simbhu as

 this is a guy i hold in very high esteem. 24 crafts rolled into one. my friend and tamil cinema icon simbu. he really knows his stuff, especially music. blaze forth, dude. godspeed!

 The later met Simbu at the birthday party throwed by Manchu Manoj. Both Manoj's Sibblings played the perfect host to the guests and the surprise to every one was, our Simbu played the DJ. And people loved it. 

We all know very well that Simbu is a close Friend of Manchu Manoj " Bindaas and Ennai Theriyuma movie" and with his presence he conveyed his wishes. We at Simbucentral with regards to the entire fans fraternity of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan wish a very hearty and warm regards to brother Manchu Manoj.  Simbucentral managed to get a picture, courtesy siddarth. 

To Fans and Friends at Orkut and other social networking sites. Please use the picture, but don't forget to give the compliment's thats how we manage to get more updates for you guys.

- Hariharan Gajendran
Picture Courtesy : Siddarth

5:17 PM

Young Thala team comes with a research.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

A group of individuals from the Young Thala Team have made a research on how much times the songs of Simbu is telecast ed. They took the survey three days back and here are the results.

Credit Goes to the Young Thala Team : Praveen.
We invite all the rival heads to throw off their ego and to come back to the base one Simbucentral to make the word Simbhu a Mantra.

4:04 PM

Super Star and Young Super Star to do Lingu's Movie.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

As we said earlier, its all surprise for the Fans of cinema and Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan. Lingusamy in a recent interview to a private website as said that his movie will be a bilingual and that Simbu will star in Tamil version and in telugu it will be the Super Star, Prince Mahesh Babu. While the tamil version is produced by Cloud Nine it will be Mega Super Good films who will produce the telugu version.

Now, here is the special news, Podaa Podi will be shot from next month and we are expecting our Thalaivan Yss to arrive at London by 2nd week of June along with the entire crew. Podaa Podi will be shot for 24 days here in London and the team is expected to return back to India by July, were Simbu will work on Lingusamy's movie. The Movie will be released for Pongal 2011 as per our source, while Podaa Podi will be a Diwali release.

Now the news thats hitting us on is, that Simbu has signed Vettrimaaran's movie Vada Chennai, which will be shot after he completes his movie aadukalam. We wish Simbu and the team for this venture.

Ps : has posted information regarding us, but a small change in the dates, which will be changed by Galatta. Click here for the link.

- Hariharan Gajendran

7:04 PM

A - Z classification on Simbu

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Picture Courtesy : Galatta Magazine.

Please buy the book on stores for more interesting articles on Cinema and Entertainment.

- Hariharan Gajendran

1:53 AM

Simbu in NCC Uniform for Lingu's untitled movie.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The picture says it all, Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan in the outfit of a NCC cadet. This picture is for the untitled movie directed by Lingusamy and produced by Cloud Nine Movies.

The photo shoot with Simbu is over and they are yet to announce the lead lady. It is said that the movie will be shot and the heroines name will be kept secretive.

Yuvan has already composed two songs and it has come out well. The movie is a commercial entertainer with class touch to it, which will please both the mass and class audience.

The main part of the story is said to be revolved around a college and NCC pro-gramme, where the crucial part of the movie forms.

When contacted Thalaivan Silambarasan was all smiles and said there would be a surprise announcement this month end for the fans and movie buffs.

- Hariharan Gajendran

9:40 PM

Vada Chennai and Simbu ?

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It is speculated that our Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan has been signed for two consecutive movies under Dhayanithi Alagiri's Cloud Nine Movies.

As per our sources, Simbu will first complete a movie under Lingusamy, which has Yuvan scoring the music and later Podaa Podi at London. This time it is not gonna be Canada.

And here is the surprise, after completing Podaa Podi under Shananya Tele Films, it is said that our hero Silambarasan will do a movie under Vetrimaaran of Polladhavan fame, which has the music of G.V.Prakash.  This again under Cloud Nine Movies. It is also said the movie is titled Vada Chennai and the story revolves  in and around Chennai, and the hero is portrayed as a son born to a Maarwaadi Father and a Tamil House Maid.

We still have not got the confirmations, but our sources still remain strong and evident. It is said, that Karthik Sivakumar was first approached and that he was later replaced by Simbu.

Check Simbucentral for the real updates and for real time evident news on Simbu and his fans. Stay tuned in for more updates.

- Hariharan Gajendran

3:27 PM

Belated Wishes to our Princess Trisha

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

How to name her, Trisha, Princess or Jessie?

Trisha Celebrated her birthday on May 4th, and it was a huge party. She played the perfect host for the close friends of her. Our hero was absent has he was busy with his schedule and he wished her over phone.

With regards to the entire Fans fraternity of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan we wish our Sparkling Princess Trisha a very prosperous Birthday and also pray to the god to give her more shines.

H a P P y  B i R t h D a Y Trisha.

- Hariharan Gajendran

4:50 AM

Exclusive Pictures of Simbu : Macau

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Our Yss, Youth Icon, Thalaivan Silambarasan is back from Macau to Chennai. And the updates of his fourth coming venture with Cloud Nine Pictures and Shananya Telefilms, will be announced later this month by Simbu. Till then stay glued to Simbucentral for more and constant updates.

- Hariharan Gajendran

8:42 PM

Simbu at SS Music.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Now thats Simbucentral for you.

- Hariharan Gajendran

6:40 PM

Protest at Macau turns violent : Simbu and team at Macau.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It is been worried that a protest in Macau, a place in China had some violence yesterday and there are reports that it was nearby to the Hotels and restaurants. We have not got any confirmation on it. But we pray that our Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan and the Cloud Nine team are safe, hail and healthy.

It is well known that the team is staying there to work on the script for the upcoming venture with ace director Lingusamy. Editor Anthony is with the team too.

Lets hope the best, that there is not even a single problem for our Hero and the team over there.

- Hariharan Gajendran

The upcoming unnamed venture of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan is already the talk of town, as it carries all the top names in the industry. With Cloud Nine Productions producing the movie, we are in no way worried as they have a extraordinary promotion network. With Goutham Menon showing how to make movies reach the audience it is a easy walk for the producers.  And with the magician Anthony, we can expect a class touch to each frame. Coming to Lingusamy, he has promised to take a movie which will please both the Class audience as well as the Mass audience.

The team is on a trip to Macau, where they are working on their script and the story board of the unnamed movie. Simbucentral with regards to all the fans wish the team a fruitful venture.

Picture Courtesy : Private Profile

-Hariharan Gajendran

We don't mind to share the pictures, but please be fair. We give the updates and we can find few others who claim as if they had done it on their own. Between .. Have a happy Sunday.