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‘Love should strike and devastate’ : Simbhu

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It took just one film for Simbu to break free from the rest and race ahead. All without performing a single eye-popping stunt, spouting a smart line that would become common parlance, or changing getups. He just played Karthik, a boy-next-door, uncertain at first, then ecstatic and, finally, tormented by his love.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa by Gautham Vasudev Menon didn’t just buck the trend of potboiler films that were mere showcases for superstardom, it gave Simbu new direction and, by the star’s own admission, has set him on a different path. He now wants his roles to go beyond dishum-dishum and exaggerated style.

 He’s currently working on Podaa Podi with Vignesh Shivaa, who’s also a school friend. “And the project with Lingusamy will also be a more balanced film — by which, I mean a more sensible mix of commercial elements and sensible art,” he says.

There was a realness to the way Simbu and Trisha translated their emotions on screen. “Perhaps, if I were to see a girl and fall in love in an instant, that’s the way I would’ve expressed myself,” Simbu says. And, no, it’s not happening in real life right now for him. “I’ve been single for the past three years or so, waiting to discover that moment,” he says.

“After Vinnai..., I see girls who would earlier just watch Simbu, the actor, from a distance, now come up and approach me. It proves to be a problem at times,” he says, “Because I don’t believe it’s about meeting someone, getting to know them and falling in love. Love has to strike you, hit you, devastate you, all in a flash.” Just the way Karthik in the movie experienced it.

And yes, he says, he believes in eternal love even in this age of speed dating and when it’s an online status message that announces it’s over.

Source : Times of India
Author : Priya Bala


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