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6:10 PM

STR on Vijay, 3 Idiots and Ajith.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu says, the reason I was objected to say OK to act with Vijay was Ajith. - Vikatan Magazine. Await the article in some time at Simbucentral.

1:48 AM

Simbucentral wishes Danush on his Birthday.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We wish our counter part Danush K. Raja @ Prabhu Venkatesh on his birthday. We wish him to give better movies every year. We at Simbucentral wish the actor a Happy birthday.

We wish to see Uthama Puthiran to hit the screens opposite to Vaanam this Diwali.

Disclaimer : This article is of the author and does not intend any harm or dis respect to other actors.

1:21 AM

VTv earns an other Award.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The first edition of the mBillionth South Asia Awards 2010 was held in New Delhi on Friday (23.07.2010). The awards offer a platform for the best mobile content and applications with mass utility and social purpose. The organization received more than 250 entries and 24 winners took home the trophy in 10 categories. The jury deliberated on the nominees for three days in Colombo last month. 

The criteria for selection were: Content, Interface, Technical speciality, Design and Accesibility.

And here comes the biggest highlight! VTV Songs, an iPhone app developed exclusively by DCI Mobile Studios, was selected as 1 of the Top 5 app under m-Entertainment category.
The awards were jointly organised by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Digital Empowerment Foundation and OnMobile, a provider of mobile value-added services (VAS).

More awards to reach..

We thank Galatta for sharing this Information.

5:58 AM

Vtv Ganesh Speaks on Vaanam.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Source : Indian Express "26th July"

5:30 PM

VTv reaches its 150th day.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Goutham Menons Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya proved that, it was the best movie of the decade to run successfully across all the theatres. It completed 150 days in style and the movie has people still lingering for more on Jessie and Karthik. 

The movie, which gave STR the new look and new modulation, is subjected as an epic of all time. Thanks to Goutham Vasudev Menon for his effort in giving the movie.

On this day, Shakthi TV in Srilanka is airing VTv for its viewers. So fans in Srilanka have a good sunday, and enjoy the movie.

6:59 AM

STR sings for 18 Vayasu "Exclusive Content"

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Thalaivan STR sang for the Film 18 Vayasu at Kalasa Studios. The movie is directed by paneerselvam of Renigunta fame and produced by Nic. Arts . Chakravarthy. The last time the duo came together with a awesome song. And Charles Bosco the New Composer from UK has come with some peppy numbers.

In Pic : Dinesh Kanagratnam, PaneersSelvam, Charles Bosco

5:29 PM

Simbu at Salt Premier e.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

And two more Picture from .The Copyright of this particular Pictures is hold by and we thank them for allowing us to use it here.

- Simbucentral Release.

10:48 PM

VTV Ganesh to act in Pooda Podi.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

VTV Super Hero and a charm person in life, VTV Ganesh will play alongside Thalaivan STR in Pooda Podi and Vaanam.  In Vaanam he plays the role of STR's uncle . His attires and clothings will make every one laugh at the instance. 

In Pooda Podi it is kind of a supportive role. We should indeed thank Gautham Vasudev Menon for giving us one such beautiful person on screen. Now this is news ;)

PS : STR  - -> Silambarasan Tesingu Rajendar.

Buzz : Await more surprised this month. Our STR will strive back with all fame and name.

3:59 AM

Sneha Ulal pairs opposite to STR in Vaanam.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It is Officially confirmed now that Sneha Ulal the look alike of Aiswarya Rai, who acted in Block buster Telugu movie Current and Simha is signed up to act along side STR Thalaivan Silambarasan. Sneha Ulal plays a soft rich girl in the movie.

Shooting with the lead actors will take place this week. Vaanam will be a Diwali release. Once the shoot is done STR Thalaivan Silambarasan will fly to London to shoot for the much awaited Pooda Podi.

Scoop News:  Ace Drummer Shivamani has given some of the best beats for Pooda Podi and guys get ready to pump your Music systems in your cars.

3:47 AM

STR to perform for Endhiran. : Exclusive

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

 STR @ Silambarasan Tesingu Rajendar will perform Live in front of Top Celebrities for the much fancied movie of all times directed by Shankar and acted by Super Star RajiniKanth. It is said that Thalaivan STR will perform for a dance number on the audio launch to be held at Malaysia "KL" later this month. Simbu will fly from the sets of Pooda Podi from London to stage his performance.

Probable Personalities attending the function includes, Super Star, Ulaga Naayagan, Thala, Amitabh Bachan, Aiswarya Rai, Yss, Oscar Awardee Ar.Rahman and prominent celebrities.

Ps : This is Simbucentral for you "Fans of Silambarasan aka STR"

3:34 AM

Un Professional act by Lingusamy.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After Stern reports of Lingu sacking Thalaivan STR @ Simbu, today STR gave a confirmation on what really happened. We all know how our Hero as turned after Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and his career was well restructured with perfect selection of scripts. So here is what that had happened,

According to the reports, Simbu was signed by Lingusamy's Tirupati Brothers in the month of January to be directed by Bhoopathy Pandian. But later Lingu dropped the project and the movie was said to be produced by Dhayanidhi Azhagiri's Cloud Nine with Lingu directing the movie.

Simbu added that " Technically I have not signed any film with Cloud Nine nor have I alloted any dates to them. Durai ( Dhayanidhi Azhagiri) is my close friend and we share a great rapport. Lingusamy has not been able to narrate the script to me till date nor did he tell me the exact dates that he wanted. I waited for over 100 days in vain for his complete script and then I decided to do a quickie Vaanam. I had informed Dorai "As said in simbucentral" about it, before he left to South Africa for the Football Finals and he promised me that we will start the shoot from September 1. 

But I was shell shocked to read reports in the media that Lingusamy has sacked me ! How can he expect me to wait for more than 100 days without a proper script or dates of shoot? I had told him that I will be free from September 1, after 15 days shoot of Pooda Podi in London, which has already been fixed. But he jumped the gun and announces that I have been replaced by another actor ! This is totally Un-Professional and not done. I have nothing more to say. I was true, and my friends and fans are around me. 

- Simbu
Ps : We at Simbucentral with regards to every fan will stand by what STR Says. We wish Lingusamy to have a great future. And we know, that our Dorai won't let us down.

6:27 PM

Await for the Official Update.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

There are reports at all the News papers and magazines, as well as in the internet media, claiming Lingusamy and Durai Alagiri have removed Simbu from their upcoming Un - named Flick. Fans are asked to stay calm, as there is no official report on that. And we will consider this as a Rumour for now. We are expecting our Thalaivan Silambarasan to speak on this.

We are sure that there is no mis- understanding or any factions in the production team. It is revealed in magazines that it happened due to Simbu signing Vaanam. According to our insiders, Lingu  movie was supposed to be  shot this July and  there was this selection of heroine which was getting delayed and thats the reason Simbu signed up Vaanam, which is like just 20 days of shoot.

It is said Cloud Nine Pictures, Durai Alagiri praised Simbu for donning the role of Cable Raja in Vaanam. It is well known that Vaanam is a Diwali release. So where comes the call sheet problem.

Lingu movie will happen as they share a good rapport. Durai Alagiri wont let fans down.

Ps : Simbu is out of FB and Twitter for the time being. FB account will be managed by the Mods.

6:18 PM

Romance, his middle Name: Simbu

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Published at : Indian Express
Edition : 2010 / Jul /20

3:43 PM

SImbu in Mumbai.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan is in Mumbai for Pooda Podi Recording, along with Musician Sivamani. It is said that Simbu will not attend Mirchi Awards Fucntion. This is officially Confirmed.

3:39 PM

Injured Manoj replaced by Bharath.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Vaanam which is getting shot in a pacy manner, got a huge set back last week, with Manchu Manoj the lead actor of the movie along with Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan leaving the movie crew. He is said to have suffered a injury which needs definite rest for 4 months.

It is well known that the Actor is a Adventurous action hero back in Tollywood and the injury has said to have happened at the sets of his movie Yennai Theriyuma. With continuous action packed movies, the shoulder has said to have become more vulnerable and it is all sad face for Vedam.

With almost many tweets from Manchu Manoj saying he his really bothered of the injury and that he his unhappy to miss the chance of acting with his buddy Silambarasan, he said he is sorry for not acting in the movie to the fans.

Later yesterday, we did get news that Bharath would share screen space with our Yss Silambarasan, and it was confirmed by our Thalaivan as well as Manoj. Simbu later tweeted : Guys since manoj is not able to do the role , its going to bharath :) tc manoj .. Vl miss u

We at Simbucentral, wish Manchu Manoj to recover soon and to give more movies with our Thalaivan. Take care Brother.

7:09 PM

Inception Première Stills : Exclusive

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

5:03 PM

Simbu at Inception Premiere.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Source : , Copyrights : Sify

We will upload the HQ pictures without logos in few days.

- Hariharan Gajendran

4:23 AM

More Pics of Simbu At CIFW

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Thanks to Galatta for sharing these pictures with Simbucentral. We are really happy as the team from Galatta gave us these picture without their logos. So here are more unseen pictures for the Fans of Simbu. We thanks Shakti Girish the Editor of Galatta and Padma the Content Manager for providing us the same.

Click to enlarge the picture.

- Hariharan Gajendran

11:38 PM

Exclusive : CIFW Hq images

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We have indeed worked hard on getting these High quality images for the Fans. Please do give credits when you guys share it across. We at Simbucentral know well that these images will be used at other websites and portals claiming the credits. We cant help them. We thank the Shadow Source for these pictures. To all , CIFW , Chennai International Fashion Week is an event conducted by Galatta and few other companies.

The Event is marking South India into the next big league of Fashion Industry. We at Simbucentral Thank the entire team for coming up with such an innovative idea. We will stand by the team.

To note : Simbu showed his presence at CIFW last year and this year.

Proud to post my name with this Post  ;) Anonymous

- Hariharan Gajendran

Go to For High Quality Images

10:58 PM

Vaanam Movie Pooja

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Source :
Ripper : Tubetamil

10:55 PM

Simbu walking the Ramp [Video]

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Source : Indiainteracts

5:23 PM

To all the Die Hard Fanatics of Simbu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With proud and pride in providing the best available information about Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan, we are here to announce that we are working on a single point agenda. We would like to have a common place for all the Fans of Thalaivan Silambarasan.

We would love to see all the people no matter what, to come down form a web, and to start striving for our Hero Simbu. It is time we throw our ego's in running websites, Orkut communities, Facebook pages and blogs. Guys come over, we need unity, and we are here for our Thalaivan Silambarasan. If we are gonna split ourselves we are gonna loose our quality.

We are taking this initiative on behalf of our Yss Simbu, asking people with all these Mis- understandings to reach me Hariharan Gajendran throwing back the incidents that happened past. What happened has happened and we should come over it.

I personally would like to see a common ground. Say a person, a fan or a follower, when he/she wanna read about or get updated about Simbu should get to that common ground for instant access.

As a token of gesture, we at Simbucentral are proud enough to dissolve Simbucentral if you guys feel we should step down for the universal joint stand and we are proud to do that for Simbu.

- Hariharan Gajendran

4:27 AM

Vedam On Location : Triplicane

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Today Vedam was officially launched with few scenes shot across the locales of Chennai "Triplicane". Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan said that he was so much happy that, rite from kids to Paati's "Grannies" were so sweet and kind. The shooting continues tomorrow.

Ps : Tapasee the new face who is acting with Danush in Aadukalam and with Manchu Manoj in the Super hit Jumhandi Naadam will be pairing opposite to our Thalaivan Yss Simbu in Vaanam.

In the Inset you can see the Director Krish and Cinematographer Nirav Shah.
Source : Twitter
Location : Triplicane
Scene : First Scene of Simbu in the movie.

- Simbucentral Team

9:57 PM

Show Stopper Simbu at CIFW

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

- Wait for more Hq Images without logos.
Team Simbucentral

9:41 PM

More Vaanam Posters.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

- Simbucentral Team

10:57 PM

Vaanam First Poster : Exclusive

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

- Hariharan Gajendran

3:14 AM

Hot combination of the year.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We are very much excited to reveal the details on the Cast and Crew of  Vaanam. To those who came in late, Vaanam is Simbu's next film and it is a remake of the Critically acclaimed Vedam from Telugu.

Heroes    : Yss Simbu, Manchu Manoj
Heroines :  Anoushka, search on for the other two heroines, we believe Lekha Washington may pair opposite to Manoj.
Direction : Krish @ Radha Krishna
Music      : Yes, the hit combination is back .. It is Yuvan Shankar Raja @ U1
Cinematographer : Nirav Shah
Editing     : The best in industry . . Antony
Producer : Our Very Own VTV Ganesh and Super Good Films Jithan Ramesh

The photo shoot is over and has come up really well, please keep checking for the posters in a couple of days. The movie starts rolling from 10th and goes till July 30th after which Yss Simbu will fly to London for Pooda Podi.

- Hariharan Gajendran

6:02 PM

Vaanam is what Simbu is upto.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With almost every site confirming the remake of the critically acclaimed Vedam by our Thalaivan Silambarasan, we are here with further more details. As said earlier, Manchu Manoj "Ennai theriyuma fame" will grease the role of a Rock star in the movie.

Meanwhile Simbu plays the role of a cable guy in a slum. He has a friend accompanying him throughout the movie and sources say that Santhanam would be casted in for it, but not yet confirmed.

It is also said that the music composer would be changed from the original Composer M.M.Keeravaani to that of a native composer. Reports say that Anoushka is considering her role, as she feels that she can't do enough justice to the role offered.

Simbu has given a 20 day long schedule for the movie and the shoot starts from this Saturday "10th July". Once he completes his part, he will fly to London where he will start shooting for the much awaited Pooda Podi.

Stay tuned in for more updates on the Cast and Crew of Vaanam.

- Hariharan Gajendran

7:39 PM

Simbu to act in Vedam Telugu Remake

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

An movie, well respected and well praised by the critics VEDAM had a huge story line and characterization. The Telugu movie, starring the Current Sensation "Simbu's Friend" Manchu Manoj, Allu Arjun and Anoushka, took away every ones heart. The movie that was released last month is already grossing huge revenue.

Directed by Radha Krishna, the music is scored by the traditional specialist MM. Keeravaani. The movie is now set to be remade in Tamil with the same cast and crew except for a small change, with our Thalaivan replacing Allu Arjun in the movie. Simbu will play the role of a cable guy in the movie, and will have Santhanam accompanying him all through.

Sources also indicate, that this movie will be released very much soon, even before Pooda Podi as it requires a very little time to shoot this movie.

Click to enlarge the pictures.
- Hariharan Gajendran