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5:26 PM

Wishes and Blessing for THALA.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Wishes, blessings, is that enough for this man, and the answer ofcourse would be - No way. Ajith Kumar, the name inspires many. Born on the day of May 1st,a day celebrated allover the world as workers day, has inspired not just the fans but people across the industry. A man said to be as a genuine personality as brought pride to all the fans as well as to the field of Tamil Cinema and South Film Industry by representing India in the Formula 2 Racing event.

Thalaivan Silambarasan's Wish : Wishes to my Honarable Brother and Friend, Proud to be your Follower and Fan : THALA.

With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity of Youth Icon Yss Thalaivan Silamarasan, we bow and wish our passionate THALA Ajith Kumar with all prosperity and energy. Sir, We pray to the god to give you more energy to work on forever and forever.

At this time we also thank the admins of the two leading websites that stand along with THALA. and Your work will always be listed.

- Hariharan Gajendran

So, what’s in store for the commercial hit maker now? “

My next film is with Silambarasan for producer Durai Alagiri. After VTV, Simbu has become a major star and has a new-found elite audience following. 

My mission now is to write a script that will cater to his audiences as well as my mass constituency. I think it is going to be a deadly combination at the box-office. 

We are going to Macau to do some brainstorming and work out a viable script. Yuvan will compose music for the film and we are on the hunt for a new heroine.”

Well, it known that Simbu will not sign in Tamannah and would instead suggest for a new comer from Bollywood as the movie needs one such character.

- Hariharan Gajendran

1:19 AM

Simbu and Samantha Create ripples..

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Do you guys have some word to express the picture.. I am floored.. Samantha looks more beautiful in the presence of our Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan.

- Hariharan Gajendran.

Picture Credits :

4:40 PM

Vtv Audio Song- Acapella Version.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

For the first time in ever, we are presenting a new mode of sound quality called ACAPELLA. We are sure, that the  one who gets to listen these songs of VTv in this mode would love it. We thank Samjo511 for presenting his work to Simbu central.

To download the songs Click here. We guarantee a safer download. All the files are checked for viruses as well as for other data errors.

We at Simbucentral like experimenting and working hard to bring the best of talents and to convey our loyalism to our beloved Yss. Thalaivan Silambarasan aka Simbu and we thank all the Fans who login here and support us. Thank you.

- Hariharan Gajendran

Haters talent is to crticicize and humiliate Simbu and Simbu's talent is to be Multitalented.

7:13 PM

Simbu attends the Marriage of Kanal Kannan's Daughter.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Picture Source :
Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow without water marks and logo.

- Hariharan Gajendran

Simbu along with many top stars in the cinema industry attended the southscope cover launch.

Picture Source :

- Hariharan Gajendran

6:01 PM

VTv Background score : Ar.Rahman's Splendid work.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After loads of request from people across the globe, we manged to get the Back Ground score of VTv from the Fans of Ar.Rahman. Please check their website for more such Background scores. There are totally 71 BGM songs in VTv that is available right now.

BGM Ripper & Uploader

Mohan Manohar aka SpEd

Download Here :
Part 1Part 2

Credits to the Original Post :

- Hariharan Gajendran

4:01 AM

Chennai Super Kings : On to Finalz.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity of Youth Icon, Yss, Thalaivan Silambarasan we wish the Chennai Super Kings Team on their race to Finals. We wish them luck and gods showers to win the IPl finals this sunday.

PS : Friends please feel free to post comments on to the posts. It is easy and it gives more enthusiasm for us to post more updates.

- Hariharan Gajendran

- Hariharan Gajendran

2:44 AM

Chennai Super Kings Ku Whistle Podu

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity of Youth Icon, Thalaivan Silambarasan we wish the roaring Chennai Super Kings to win the Semi Final match against Deccan Chargers and to get place in the Final Berth.. Ippo Simbu Fans laam namma Chennai team ku oru Whistle podunga. Win pannathumey inga comment podunga.

- Hariharan Gajendran

4:13 AM

Magic Moments of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

All the Pictures above are exclusive from the house of SimbuCentral. If you want to use it, please do give the credits to the simbucentral loyalist. These pictures are live version, where you get the feel of watching it as in theaters.

- Hariharan Gajendran

3:00 AM

Bringing back Divya to justify the character in Jessie.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Mounaraagam, a classic movie, which is worshiped by every single cinema lover is still portrayed as one of the best romantic movie ever. If you get to watch it, you would be taken aback by the screen play and the musical extravaganza of the movie. The movie left many stunned and gave a big boost to the lovers as well as the industry.

Maniratnam, the man with magic fingers gave us what we still feel as one of the best movie to watch when ever we feel lonely or whenever we are in the mood of love. The story revolves around Divya, an Brahmin girl, who wanna make every moment of hers an enjoyable one. And she has that typical Brahmin Family. Father working in as Government employee and a elder brother and two sisters. Well she is forced to get married by her parents and she nods for it. It was Mohan who stunned every one with his acting and performing as if he lived the character. 

They tie knot, and end up to live separately, with Divya '' Revathy '' on a confused state of mind giving no good for the knuptial knot. And on one fine evening she lets know that she was already in love with a guy and that she still loves him. So there goes the flash back. Again the flash back shows a confused Divya, who at times takes bold decisions and at later half asks her lover "Karthik" to listen to what she says. And the movie goes on and at last, it goes like questioning if Mohan and Divya will stay together for life or will apply for a Divorce. Again showing the confused state of mind which Divya was.

Now this is how the movie VTv takes us too.. A confused Jessie, a truly loving person in Karthik and a typical Keralaitte accent. Will they get together or not. Critics say history always repeats, and it did happen with the characterization and with the success of both the movies. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is now said to be the highest ever collecting tamil movie of the century. It has broken the records of Sivaji and Chandramukhi. 

So, it was Revathy who was loved that time by the youngsters and Trisha now for the innocence and their confused state of mind. And again it was Maniratnam at that time and Goutham vasudev Menon now.

- Hariharan Gajendran

7:36 PM

Manoj Paramahamsa Speaks on the Make over of Simbu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Your Words on VTv :

At the end of Eeram, VTV started and his script book was given to me. While reading it, I found it so interesting and inspiring. It was new and fresh. I had not seen a genre like that in cinema and it was conversational, something he also explained. He wanted a lot to be created visually and there would be great scope for visual and music. Working with him gave me the opportunity to have a lot of interaction with him. On the sets, he does not have the director feel, l have worked with many directors but Gautham is like the CEO of a company, very humble and quiet on the spot. No-one knows shooting is happening. He is so soft and gives freedom to execute something in the script if its justified.

For instance for the title shoot of VTV, we shot 200ft with crane up. When we saw the location I felt it would be good as a concept, he said ok though it was expensive. We had to hire an agela crane, take it to Kerala for just that one complicated shot to reveal the church. He gives a lot of freedom and inspires you a lot while narrating the scene or in the script.

He gave me the opportunity to use a lot of wide angle shots, scope and space for camera movements. This script he said it should be very visual and we made a color palette. Since I had already done this in Eeram, I was very happy to hear it from him and after doing so much dark, he wanted white, this gave me more energy. Usually, a love subject is colorful but he wanted white and first I could not understand. However, once I read the script, the character is Syrian Christian and many things about Jessie are white, the church white for instance. We searched a lot for white, the Thiruvanmiyur house gave us a white backdrop and so did the 450-year old Church where we got permission after a lot of persuasion and donation. Malta is an off white island city and this suited our color palette.

What was your best shot in VTV?

Going by the feedback, the Malta songs and New York were well-appreciated. In the Mannipaaya song, there is a lead scene, a night scene across the backwaters where Simbhu jumps over the wall to see Trisha and then they both sit on a lawn and talk. This is followed by an intense scene where they kiss and the song begins. He goes on the boat after this; we underplayed the moonlight and the place Allepey was new. Many appreciated this. I like this night effect scene.

How is Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa different from other films?

From the Tamil films I have come across, this has a very different screenplay and treatment. Usually, there are a lot of artistes, an action block and even in a love element; there might be vengeance and a lot of negative elements. Suppose they are not there, it would become a family drama. This script breaks all this. There are two characters and the only thing between them is love. The two characters keep talking to each other throughout the film, the supporting cast is very less, the cameraman character is the only major one and worked out well. Parents have a small role. This two character drama was new and interesting and it was wonderful working with artistes who had a lot of experience. I had a high energy level and confidence that I could give good visuals as it had such as structure.

How did you manage to give Simbhu an image makeover?

Many have asked this question. Trisha and Simbu look very good. We have done a lot of things that were not done in his earlier films. Basically, we decided his look. Hrithik Roshan’s hairstylist gave him the haircut. Nalini’s input was a lot and she gave him casual clothes generally middle class. She did not select them like a hero’s costume. Before shooting, his look was set and on my side, I planned and fixed the lighting pattern. The full film would be shot in sunlight and available light, back or direct. Even when scenes were shot at home, we decided to make it look like sunlight streamed in. White would look pure when the sunlight fell on it and shadows cast on it.

Unlike normal commercial films, we never gave Simbu special lighting but used a lot of available light, the reason for success of the makeover. In many places the duo were talking and the camera placed at a distance. In fact, many felt that it looked like two lovers who were captured on screen without their knowledge and this was appreciated. The reason is good planning without disturbing them with too much light and working in available light, maybe this looked fresh and new. Generally, for a hero, a lot of glow is used or he is given a backlight, both of which we avoided. Same goes for Trisha, her main scenes were done in available light. Only in the song sequences we have tried the glow because in his imagination we wanted her to look ravishing.

We selected good lighting conditions. I got enough co-operations from all three, Simbhu, Gautham and Trisha. When shooting in available light, when the sun’s direction changes, the continuity will change, usually, the sun will stay in a single angle only one or two hours but they completed the scene within that time frame. Generally other directors would take a lot of time and lot of shots, track movement and complicate it before finishing the scene. However, Gautham understood that would be good in available light and within one hour finished even big scenes. No rehearsals or retakes and many shots were okayed in a single take and this was good for the continuity and realism of the film.

Copyrights : 
The article is of the author and all credits goes for him on taking this interview.

- Hariharan Gajendran

6:53 PM

Podaa Podi is starting Officially Today.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Podaa Podi, a quite familiar tamil word and a expected word for the fans of Style Icon, Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan. It was announced years back on 2008 that the movie would be shot at Canada and would be released by February 14th of 2009.

But the time was not aspire at that season and the movie, was thrown at shelves for almost a year now. After the successful presentation of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, Simbu now joins with the newbie Vignesh Shiva, who is also a childhood friend of his.

The music is said to be from the boards of Dharan an key master when it comes to peppy and romantic numbers.

The Producers Shananya Tele films have confirmed the news that Podaa Podi is officially starting today with pooja and other corporate level work. It is said they are planning to shoot a month from now.

The place where the shoot will start has not been mentioned, but the sources say it will be at Canada. London was first preferred but later it was said it was avoided as the climate is hot at the moment there.

Varalakshmi the daughter of Supreme Star Sarath Kumar is back at Podaa Podi and this denies her leaving off from Podaa Podi by media and as said at Simbucentral.

We will post more updates on the movie and its locations as soon as possible. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

- Hariharan Gajendran.
Loyalty Redefined : Simbucentral

3:07 AM

Simbu to sign Sonam Kapoor ?

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

If this is gonna happen, then its a boon for the guys of South to watch one of their dream girl in action with the Young Icon Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan.

Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of Anil Kapoor a famous Bollywood super star, and she has done three movies till now. She starred with Abhishek Bachan in the movie Delhi 6 and with Amitabh Bachan "Big B" in Black and Saawariya with Ranbir Kapoor.

A beauty with elegant smile and sexy curves, she is a hot favorite for any youngsters back home. It is said that our Thalaivan Silambarasan aka Simbu is in contact with her family to make her debut in Tamil Cinema. It is said that she will star with Simbu in Vaaliban if all goes well. It is also said that our own Durai Dayanithi of Cloud Nine Pictures will Produce the movie.

Some websites even say that a screen test will be taken by Lingusamy in a month to see their on screen presence. With sources confirming that Pooda Podi is ready to be shot, and then a movie to be directed by Lingusamy, it is all news for the fans and movie lovers.

Ps : If this is gonna happen, I am going to be topsy turvy all through till the release of the movie.. Sonam come down soon.. ;)

- Hariharan Gajendran

1:09 AM

Simbu at Yuvans Kanavugal Concert.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbucentral is not suppose to bring in copy right infringement by adding Simbucentral logo over Kalaignar Tv's Logo and as well as over their water mark. So we are using the third party source.

Source : Tube Tamil in partner with Simbucentral. We will give an even better version tomorrow.

- Hariharan Gajendran

6:53 PM

Vtv roaring high even on 50th day of its release.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Is that true we are in to the modern arena ?. Yes says Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya with its interpretation of love and screen play.

I have seen quite a lot of movies which gave that unique feel. As in Mounaraagam , Alaipaayuthey, Idhayathai Thirudaathey, Kadhal Kottai, Kadhalukku Mariyaathai, Mann Vasanai and Punnagai Mannan, each film had its own way of showing love and I would say they were beautiful.

But Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya was something special. It changed the lifestyle of many. For a fact I was able to see quite a few people now changing the way they use to speak, to the way they dress and to be more matured. At times when IPL 20/20 is taking every one, VTv has made sure, IPL is just an entertainer, where as Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is reality at screens.

It is not like I am praising Goutham menon or Silambarasan, but the fact is they have to be praised because; they have given a movie with elegance and maturity. For Goutham Menon it is quite a big break after Vaaranam Aayiram and for Simbu it is the biggest ever hit which gave him the extra fame and credentials.

Trisha- No words to describe her acting. She just took each frame of hers to the new heights. Right when she quips Simbu asking, Nee enna follow panna la illa? To Naan Appa kitta poi solrein , there is nothing between us so that we can move around easily. I was able to see Revathy’s innocence in Trisha for the first time.

Coming to Cinematography : Goodness, It was P.C.Sreeram the legend in Mounaraagam and here it is Manoj Paramahamsa. He leaves us spell bound with his magic in showing love and the beautiful shots at Allepey and Malta. It is no wonder that he will take Tamil cinema to new heights. The visuals in VTv was amazing and few shots where Trisha and Simbu move around in bikes and the Mannipaaya song took every one to their dreams. A special pat to this guy.

Never should we forget Thaamarai, her lyrics to the songs has been a major attraction to the movie, a simple line put forward with loads of essence in it "Kadalinil meenaaga irunthaval naan, Unakena karai thaandi vanthaval thaan" and "Yenn Idhayam Udaithaai norungavey, Yen Maru idhayam , Tharuvein nee udaikavey" where phenomenal.

Infact Ar.Rahman himself praised her for putting in awesome lines and lyrics. She deserves more than a award for her lines.

 Simbu our brother, leaves no space for any one to criticize this time, the way he spoke, to the way he acted, just showed his real nature. People close with the Actor say thats his real character, I personally say that too. He has showed what maturity can cause and what his talents are in the entire movie.

I have seen him blasting people in reel life, and throwing some punch dialogues, but here it was all life and reality. The scene at KFC showed his real humour sense, and that’s how he makes everyone laugh behind the screens. The presence of mind, biriyani irukka? Illa la.. Chicken kudu.. and appadiya at the climax,With a glitch of smile in his face made every one laugh and wonder on how he was able to make people laugh even with a slow voice modulation.

A.R. Rahman and his Magic hands :

We all know that the key success of the movie is attributed to A.R.Rahman’s songs and his Background Music. Right from the AAromaley female version to Jessie is on fire. He was able to bring in two sets of Back ground music to Trisha, when she is romantic and when she was angry. I simply loved the Jessie is on fire back ground theme.

Producer Ganesh was resembling V.K.Ramasamy the ace comedian of “velaikaaran,mounaraagam, agni natchathiram, tharmathin thalaivan and many”. Ganesh simply took every one to the happiest mood with his simple but powerful enough words to bring in the smile at every ones face. I can still think of the scene where I was jumping on the seats, When Simbu is asked to come out of the bus by Trisha’s brother, and when he slaps Ganesh, the next scene he was like, Avana Podu, Un Machaana podu, Anga podu, Inga podu , that was hilarious.

Between the reasons the film is running house full even after 50 days collecting 5.32 Crores in Chennai alone even with Piracy at its high; it is because of the natural chemistry and the screenplay in the movie. Many felt Simbu and Trisha should join together, but again many felt they shouldn’t coz that’s reality. In reality we can see 100s of such people.

 I was able to witness a huge changeover for Simbu after this movie; people in the so called Class- A speak all well about him and media as shown Thumb’s Up for this talented person.

All I could ask the producers now is “When will the Original DVD be out and the Producer replies – On the 100thday of the movie.” So let us wait for few more days to witness Love in reality at our home screens from the month of June. Let us support True love and true cinema. And thanks to the entire crew and Simbu for this movie. We are simply in love with it and we are expecting you to show your talents in the right way, which you always do. Cheers.

Author : Hariharan Gajendran
Copy Rights :

6:34 AM

Picture of the Day : VTv

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

5:48 AM

Youth Icon Simbu : Times of India

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Silambarassan has come a long way since his child actor days. Affectionately called Simbu, the Little Superstar has come of age following the success of Gautham Vasudeva Menon’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa with both the upper class elite audiences and the masses rooting for him. The actor has shot into the big league of heroes with hit director Lingusamy and the classy Mani Ratnam sounding him about their next films.

From being the mass hero everyone loved to hate, Simbu has metamorphosed into a soft romantic hero with VTV. On his image makeover, the actor says, “Yeppadi irundha naan ippadi ayitain (‘Look how I’ve changed’ — a punch line made famous by comedian Vivekh). Ask him about the shift and Simbu says, “Generally, heroes enter the industry in romantic roles and then move on to action characters. In my case, it was the other way around. After the crass mass films I’ve done, the classy VTV — apart from giving me an image makeover — has helped create an all-new fan base. I hope all my future films too will be breezy romantic entertainers.”

Source : Times of India 
Author : Sreedhar Pillai

Tamil Cinema is not short of debates at any given time. Seven or six years before people were debating about who would be the next superstar. Then came the director’s period where creators showcased the uniqueness. The debated topic changes to who is the best either Bala or Selvaraghavan or…..

Yes, once again the trend changes and we are now speaking about world class films, and what ones needs to do to get noticed globally and who are those technicians who have that potential to take Tamil Cinema across the borders.

When we debate on this we speak about Kamal, Bala, Radha Mohan, Sasi Kumar, Selvaraghavan, Suriya, Murugadoss and the list goes on…. But I personally feel one name is getting either less or no importance in such kind of debates. Yes it is none other than Silambarasan himself.

With the kind of talent he has got it looks a bit. odd for me to leave this man in such kind of debates. At his age, apart from acting he is focusing on direction, singing, editing, sound engineering and script writing. But I just want to ask myself is this critics mistake or Silambarasan’s one.

I rather blame more on Silambarasan than critics. Yes and am not here to question his ability but to question his decision in choosing his scripts which is not up to his mark.

People say VTV or Manmadhan is his best, but I do feel Thotti Jaya is his best in terms of performance. Yes, Jaya is definitely not guy next door. Had you watched the movie you would definitely have been absorbed into it, for the guy has beautifully played the role. The stunt sequences were not the normal ones and more than the dance was really fantastic and matured. I can’t see normal Silambarasan’s dance, but he behaved in Thotti Jaya even when he danced.

When it comes to VTV lots of people were surprised and shocked after seeing his performance. When Harbhajan Singh beats Sachin’s record of 200 runs in ODI every one will be surprised but when Viru gets it people will just appreciate and I just clapped for his performance in VTV. Because I was just waiting for the guy to shift gears.

I am not writing this column to say Silambarasan has to be choosy in his roles, but I want to say that we are missing some revolutionary scripts from his end.

Something like Subramaniapuram where the film has invested lots of confidence in producers and distributors, films which has quality rather than just commercialism. We haven’t seen something from you which could set or change the trend.

Yes I do agree that some of his good works have been tossed up, every few people know that he has penned Loosu Penne.

He definitely has the guts to make his critics like a Sunday newspaper horoscope.

Now the audience are very clear that they are even dare enough to just slap a commercial flick even if it come from big guns. They are clearer on logics and started hating commercialism where logic goes for a toss.

I hope Silambarasan will be very aware of this change. This change will definitely suit actors of his kind who have lots of talent.

We have technicians like KS Ravikumar with whom we expect either 2 films a year or 3 in 2 years to provide us more entertainment on the other hand we also have technicians like Manirathnam, Kamal whom we never expect even one film a year, but when they showcase their thoughts in a 70 mm screen we would definitely expect some magic in it.

But when it comes to Silambarasan, as a critic I do expect a balanced output between the above two.

I would definitely suggest Silambarasan to spend at least 20 percent of his time in other languages like Telugu and Malayalam. He may not cast in the entire film but when he scripts or when he gets an opportunity to do a cameo he may focus on it. Definitely it will be a wise choice to even involve in multi-starrer scripts with other state actors. This will definitely give him visiting card in other states.

Silambarasan is a good creator, sometimes a script may require at least 100 Crores to justify its visuals and during that time this visiting card will definitely be vital in taking risks.

If Silambarasan could take some brave steps, then definitely he is lot more than just ‘Young Superstar’.

The view is of the Behindwoods Columnist. For the direct link you can click here.

- Hariharan Gajendran

12:22 AM

Crossing Over with Producer Ganesh of VTv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

What’s HOT gets talking to producer-turned-actor Ganesh, who has created quite an impact with his role in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

‘Inga enna solludhu? Jessie Jessienu solludhilla?’ Every time lovers watch Ganesh pose this question to Simbu in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (VTV), they gain the courage to pursue their love. The unassuming actor who captured the audience’s attention as Simbu’s friend in VTV, is very much the same person off screen as well.


As I was one of the producers of VTV, I was actively involved in the production of the film. I used to participate in the discussions which went on till late in the night. One fine day, Gautham Vasudev Menon asked me to play Simbu’s friend in the movie. I was initially hesitant as that character was pivotal to the film and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off. 


I have done few cameos earlier in Vaaranam Aayiram and Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. Acting was by sheer accident. During the shooting of Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, the guy who was supposed to play the role of the kidnapper of Kamalini Mukherjee did not turn up. There was no other person to portray the character. That was when Kamal Haasan asked me to play the role of the abductor who gets killed in an encounter. 


Producers or directors taking up acting is not an issue at all. What matters is whether they suit the character. For instance, VTV had a lot of fresh elements. All of a sudden, Simbu was shown as a lovable boy and Trisha was seen in sari in most part of the film. Probably, people liked me for my voice modulation, body language and presentation in the film. Novelty casts a spell on every one. The artiste should suit the character. 


Well, first of all, let me tell you that I was not the cameraman for Kaakha Kaakha as I’m introduced in the film. I really loved working with the whole unit of VTV. During the theatre rounds of the film across the state, I realised that it was not only couples in love, who were thronging the theatres, but also family audiences, including elderly people over the age of 60. 


Tamil cinema has come of age. But one aspect that really hurts me is that though we are technically more sound compared to other film industries, our talent is not recognised. Tamil films, with such good technicians and cast, should have a wider appeal. We should come out of the shell and make sure that our films reach a wider audience. We should work towards that.

Source : Times of India

Thanks to the author and to Times of India for the article.

- Hariharan Gajendran

5:44 AM

Simbu at Galatta 3rd Year Anniversary Celebrations.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu along with many of the leading actors showed up their presence at the party thrown by the Galatta team. The team Galatta organizers Girish and Shakthi played the friendly host, while the celebrities enjoyed the party. We at simbucentral, wish team Galatta a happy year ahead.

- Hariharan Gajendran

Pics Source : Galatta

4:21 AM

Simbu, Venkat Prabhu and Yuvan Launch Kuttrapirivu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

This is the first high quality pictures available on any of the network without logo. We are sure, people from other websites and fan sites may use the picture and claim that they have uploaded these. Between we are not worried because we are the fans of  Thalaivan Silambarasan. Every one can share the pictures by clicking the link below. All we need is the recognition of the original posts.

Thanks to Shadow Reporter.

- Hariharan Gajendran

7:16 PM

Simbu at Kutrappirivu audio launch.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu Launched Kutrappirivu audio today along with Yuvan Shankar Raja. The movie stars Srikanth and Kamilini Mukherjee. We will upload the high quality stills tomorrow.

- Hariharan Gajendran

Come to Chennai, Nelson  Manickam road this April 9th to watch Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya being release in the first ever PVR Cinemas in Chennai at Ampa Center One. With guaranteed quality of both cinema as well as the ambience said to be better than Sathyam Cinemas. Welcome all.

3:23 AM

Simbu Excited with CSk's Win.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

6:07 AM

Todays Paper Ad.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

12:47 AM

Wishes to Ar.Rahman and Aamir Khan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The President Of India Pratibha Patil on Wednesday conferred Padma Awards to Ar.Rahman and Aamir Khan. With regards to the entire Fans Fraternity of Silambarasan and Cinema we wish Ar. Rahman and Aamir Khan on this auspicious day for Indian Cinema.

- Hariharan Gajendran

10:53 PM

Exclusive : Hq Pictures From Paiyaa Premiere.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

- Hariharan Gajendran