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Poda Podi only after Vaaliban.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

With so many rumours flying around about whether the Simbu-Varalaxmi Sarathkumar-starrer Podi Podi has been shelved, Simbu himself finally announced that it has NOT been struck off his projects list. The movie has been put on the back burner for a while, though, as Simbu is focussed on completing Vinnathaandi Varuvaayaa with Gautham and then Valiban; only then will he move on to Poda Podi.

When asked if Varalaxmi is peeved at her very first project facing such a delay, Simbu said that understandably the debutante must be upset about this, but also understands that the movie WILL happen soon and meanwhile, she could also consider other scripts.

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Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Thalaivan LSS Silambarasan and his fans are shocked to hear that MJ is No more.

Thalaivans Word :

MJ I LUV U MAN ...u live in r hearts .... u r a genius .....

Simbucentral on regards of the entire Fans team pays homage to the Genius.


4:14 PM

Discovering Malta.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Bollywood - or better still, Kollywood - has come to Malta for the first time and could set the ball rolling for other Indian cinema productions to be shot on the island.

"We're not exactly Bollywood," specifies director, scriptwriter and producer Gautham Vasudev Menon. "The Tamil film industry in the south of India actually makes more films than Bollywood in Bombay." And India has the largest film industry in the world.

Best known for his action films, Mr Vasudev Menon has just shot parts of his latest, Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya, in Malta, breaking the mould in terms of locations for Indian movies. In fact, even before filming in Malta started, his unprecedented move to Malta attracted the Chennei media, where the director comes from, generating publicity.

Many articles were published, asking whether it would open up a new location for other producers, who always go to Switzerland and New Zealand and whether it would be their next stop, he said.

The Chennai Times of India reported "the fierce competition among Kollywood directors to shoot in never-seen-before locations". Mr Vasudev Menon was reported to have "discovered the beautiful islands", making the headlines as the "first director from South India to shoot a film in Malta".

Mr Vasudev Menon believes other directors are likely to follow suit. He too plans to return in December to shoot an entire action feature film, complete with water chases.

"I have wanted to come to Malta for the past five years. When I shot my second movie, we wanted to film a song against a background of lots of water and old buildings but, at the time, we did not have the budget."

A Maltese friend, married to an Indian, kept on encouraging the director and, this time round, being the producer, he had the money...

"I've shot extensively in the US, Durban and Dubai, so this landscape and these colours are totally different," he said, explaining why he chose to shoot two out of six songs - a vital element of Indian movies, together with dance sequences - in Malta.

"We needed lots of churches, water and caves, so what better place to go than Malta?

"It has been quite an experience... except for the weather, which is too similar to Chennai in terms of heat. We expected it to be cooler. "But the locations are fantastic. Wherever you turn, there's a frame!"

The movie was shot everywhere, including Valletta, Mdina, Gozo and Comino, in lanes and alleys, about eight churches and even at a village feast, taking Maltese tradition to India.

"The girl in the movie, traditionally referred to as the heroine, is a Christian, and the boy, the hero, a Hindu. Where I come from, people love these inter-caste sorts of stories," he explained.

The romantic comedy, in the Tamil language, is "another feel-good love story, which is big in Chennai. The only difference is I am working more on the fun element of the screenplay".

Mr Vasudev Menon brought a 26-strong crew over, assisted by 10 locals, and the production company, Producer's Creative Partnership.

Although PCP has come across many attempts from illegal immigrants to obtain entry visas to Europe by posing as film makers, it quickly established the legitimacy of the production and expressed its gratitude towards the Malta Film Commission and the Malta High Commission in New Delhi, who helped process the required documents.

Shot over 10 days, the movie is estimated to have spent about €90,000 in Malta and featured renowned Indian actors, who were asked for autographs by Indian tourists while in Malta.

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya is being scored by Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire fame. "Thanks to this movie, the world is noticing Indian film makers. A.R. Rahman has been around for 15 years and we all knew he was capable of good stuff. Now, suddenly, he is recognised by the world!

"But that is the only way it has helped us. It has not portrayed the India we know. Yes, that India exists in pockets, but there is also a very urban, modern and scientifically-advanced India."

At 37, Mr Vasudev Menon already has eight movies under his belt, having started at 29. It has been quite a journey, he says, pointing out that it was the first time he was also producing a movie.

"Malta has so much to offer, lots more than we could do in 10 days. If I am thinking of shooting an entire feature film here, that means there is loads more!"

In fact, he has extended his stay and flown his wife and three little boys over. "We've been driving around," he said, wearing the hat of the relaxing tourist but keeping his director's eye and continuing to view Malta through an imaginary camera lens nonetheless.

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya should be released in India in September and later also to international audiences, with the possibility of making it to Malta too.

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First Indian Movie Shot in Malta.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The first Indian "Bollywood" cinema production ever to film in Malta completed shooting last weekend.

The musical dance sequences of this romantic story, titled "Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya" (Will you come from the Sky?), were filmed in various localities in Malta and Gozo, namely Mdina, Valletta, Ghaxaq, Floriana, Kalkara, Birgu, San Lawrenz, Salina, Msida, Ghar Lapsi, Comino, Anchor’s Bay, Mellieha and Dingli.

Bollywood productions are movies produced out of India and are typical for their love stories mixed with dance sequences with a unique Bollywood style. India statistically has the largest film industry in the world and Indians are known to flock in large numbers to watch their love stories and romantic songs being danced in their signature way.

"Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya” is directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, best known for his numerous successfull action films. Two of his last eight movies have been shot in the United States. The music score is by Oscar winning music director A.R.Rahman ("Slumdog Millionaire").

The film-makers are based in Southern India where the "Bollywood" slang is actually dubbed as "Kollywood". The company specializes in slick Tamil movies with an international flair, giving a lot of importance to technical excellence.

The film stars two of the most sought after Indian actors in South India, Trisha Krishnan and Tesingu Rajendar Silambarasan. In Indian cinema the stars are traditionally referred as the “heroine” and “hero”. During their work in Malta they were often asked for autographs by Indian tourists who immediately recognized their "heros".

The film shooting in Malta had hardly started when the Indian press began generating substantial publicity about Malta. The Chennai Times of India reported about “the fierce competition amongst Kollywood directors to shoot in never-seen-before locations”. Getting entry visas is often a problem but director Gautham Menon is reported to have “discovered a new location – the beautiful islands of Malta”. Gautham has now made headlines in India movie news as the “first director from South India to shoot a film in Malta”.

The Times of India reported about how Indian producers are desperately trying to get visas for their team to travel to exotic

overseas locations. Malta is reported to be somewhat “easier to get visas” because it is a small country and such countries are reported as “bending backwards with offers of visa on arrival and location subsidies to Kollywood”.

The PCP, representing the Indian film-makers, showed appreciation towards the Malta Film Commission and the Malta High Commission in New Delhi who have helped tremendously in processing the visas in a speedy manner.

The decision to film in Malta was made barely 10 days prior and the short-notice was mainly due to the availability of the two main stars. The director therefore made a very rough pre-selection of Maltese locations using photographs sent via the internet.

The producers’ initial reaction upon landing in Malta was that the island was too small to offer the variety of locations they were after, but a recce around Malta and Gozo immediately convinced them not only to forego the consideration of including other countries in their shoot, but to extend their original filming schedule on the island by three days. In total the crew filmed for eight days.

Picturesque locations have been chosen for the song sequences and great efforts have been made to showcase Malta and Gozo in a very recognizable manner. The film will be released in India this September and will later also reach international audiences in various countries with large Indian communities.

Dancers and choreographer were brought in from London and although there was no time for local casting two Maltese dancers were found at very short notice. Maltese dancer Melvin Monreal was highly praised by the British film choreographers.

Director Gautham intends to return to Malta next year to shoot entirely his upcoming Action film.

The producers and the PCP would like to publicly thank the following entities for making the last minute preparations of this filming possible.

The Armed Forces of Malta for providing a helicopter at short notice for filming high screen-value shots over Comino.

The Malta High Commission in New Delhi and the Malta Film Commission for their processing of all visas and related permissions.

The various councils of Malta and Gozo, particularly the mayors of Valletta and Mdina who have shown their 100% unconditional support to very extensive filming in their localities.

Thanks : Times of Malta.

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Simbucentral Wishes Ilaya Thalapathy.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbucentral wishes Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay the very best for the years to come and more importantly for his vettaikaran and his landmark 50th film. Happy Birthday Vijay.

10:52 PM

It is Ileana with Lss for Valiban.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

If our sources are sound, Charming Ileana will pair opposite Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan for Valiban , to be directed by Thalaivan with Nic Arts Chakravathy production and a yuvan Music score.

The movie will start shortly.

11:48 AM

Telugu Channels Reports on Lss "Funny"

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

11:16 AM

Movies Taken with Thotti Jaya as the Base.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hindi movie makers boast themselves saying that they are the best in India but they are best only in glamour and in copying scenes from other movies and to tell them as their creation.
For example, in the hindi movie jab we met where kareena misses her train and she goes wid shahid kapoor to d railway station n in d station whn sum ppl try to misbehave she returns bak to shahid kapoor. dis scene is a direct lifted frm our simbu annas moviethotti jaya d scene whr gopika misses her train n she goes in a taxi n in d taxi d ppl try to sell her but simbu rescues her n takes her to d railway station n in d station gopika tells simbu to leaver her till kanyakumariwht d difference between jab we met n thotti jaya is d scenes in jab we met is shown in a humours way whereas in thottijaya it has been shown in a serious way so we can say dat d makers of jab we met hav taken a scene frm our simbu anna's movie.............

and d second is in d hindi movie ghazini in the promotional tralier d scene whr aamir khan hits a villan on d face wid his leg u created a lot of hype ppl were taken away by tht excellent fight shot but d fact is d scxene is taken frm our simbu anna'a movie thotti jaya whn simbu helps gopika frm goons in kolkata he hits on of dem on d face wid his leg ............... so though thotti jaa couldnt make a imapact here it sure helped d hindi film makers ...........
tis is not taken frm ny website of magazine m postin it to share dis info wid u friends thts it.....

from 0.29 to 0.31

Compare the movies above and you can clearly say all these are copied from Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan's Thotti Jaya.

Author : Raghav

9:55 AM

Thalaivan Takes a Break Along with his Family.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan Left to DUBAI Yesterday Night along with his Family.
It has been a long time since Lss Went out with the Family.

Silambarasan Simbu :

takin a holiday to D U B A I with family ...... its really bin along time since iv given time for my dad, mom, sis and bro ......

SO fans are alerted not to come to the office this sunday. Take care guys.

5:01 PM

Appa Thiru T.Rajendar Avargalin EEla Paadal

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

4:17 PM

Exclusive : A Song From Vallavan Composition.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Exclusive Content is a Birth Right of Simbucentral and thats why we are here.

Our Official Facebook Community with 800+ Fans >> Click here to Join.


Hariharan Naidu

4:06 PM

A Song by Mathurini on Civillians Struggle in Sri Lanka.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

A young girl called Mathurini who is classically trained and sings a variety of genres and has done various tours around the world with music. She has come up with this unique song to reach the masses. Its a known cause , Save The Innocent Civilians. And we at Simbucentral are proud to be part of this initiative.

2:24 PM

Thalaivan Silambarasan Back in the Home Soil.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After a long Summer Shoot at Malta Islands and a Stumiforus vacation in Rome, Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan is back to Chennai. He came down this morning. Much to the delight of his fans, who where waiting along the Airport , he shook his hands and moved home.

Later speaking with us , he said he was happy with the way the movie is shaping up and that he was also lucky and happy to work with Gowtham menon and Trisha.

He also said that he was dissapointed with the loss of Manchester United Team in the Finals , but was happy for the reason he was witnessing his favorite team live.

Thalaivan Lss who came down early as planned before , coz of the movie Kulir , which his is friends movie that is releasing all over today. He will also work for his movie VTV from next week.

Poda Podi Group discussion is slated later next week. So it back to back Work for Thalaivan. He also wished is brother Little Star Kuralarasan with a surprise gift.

10:47 PM

Stars Shine On the Birthday of Little Kural

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We are proud to see this day as the day of a Star who was born to cherish the world with his Charm and love. Yes it is the Birthday of our Little Star Kural Arasan. A guy born with the silver spoon of talent and aspire. We wish Kural a happy birthday on regards of the entire Silambarasan Fans Fraternity.

Nee piranthathu Indru...
Thiran pada Varuvaai nee nindru..
Kathiravan Thunai irupaan endru.
Un Annan Silambin Aatharavu unakku endrum Undu.

Saudi Arabia is a diverse Country with Many tamilians living ashore. And we the admins from Simbucentral and International Silambarasan Fans Federation are happy to announce that a new fan club is opened there for LSS Thalaivan Silambarasan and will strive hard for the upliftment of Tamils in Saudi.

The Fan Club is opened by Bilal Sherif and will be administered by his frenz and co Tamilians.

The Fan Club currently has 47 members and it will generate fastly. And we are hereby attesting the Fan club as the official one in Saudi Arabia. Officers and Postings will be changed if there is any kind of Misinterpretation or if the growth is not sustaining.

The Fan Club is also in Facebook

And for the main fan club

Fans in Saudi Wing can always get information from Simbucentral and from the SA Wing.

Thanks and Congratz for the new team. In the pic "Bilal Sheriff" President SA Wing.

"International Silambarasan Fans Federation"