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5:23 AM

Vtv Shooting Over

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After 7 month's of hard work. The VTv Crew has finally wrapped up the shoot, it is also said that all the songs where shot with exotic locations.

The climax was shot in the Newyork in a place called Central Park. And that Lss Thalaivan Silambarsan was so inspired that he is now searching for a girl alike the character Jessie "Trisha" for his real life.

The final song was composed by the Flexy Stu Crew and the song has shaped up really well. The song is as a racy composition with nice blend of ethnic mixes.

Thalaivan Silambarasan is still at US checking for some locations and and also is spending some time taking a break after the entire shoot.

Trisha is back to Chennai and it is noticed that the actress is getting ready for a hindi movie shoot.

Meanwhile, the movie is sent for editing and for other works. While we expect Maestro Rahman sir to start the background scoring soon.

11:57 PM

Our Response is now in Papers.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We had recently posted an article on celebrating the Simbu 25 ..and here in Vikatan they have reported about the same scenario.

Click to enlarge the picture.

7:23 PM

Kural Exclusive : Vtv Audio Shoot at Binny Mills.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

10:47 PM

Simbu 25 - Why Shouldn't we Do one?

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hello Fans of Lss Simbu,

Lss Thalaivan Silambarsan is here in the industry for 25 years now. Right from the times of being a baby to a Stylish Star Simbu has travelled a long journey in the area of Cinema.

Now what we thought was why shouldn't we celebrate a programme calling Simbu 25 . This would be apt to do on his 25th birthday which falls on 3rd Feb 2010.

Recently I "Admin" was having a chat with a Media Personalite "Reporter" and he was like, Why shouldn't we do one like this.

And I was like , wont that make few gossip mongers to report wrongly about us and he was like gossips are always a boon and not a bane. So he asked us "Fans" to work on the Felicitation.

Simbu Central now asks and puts forward a note to the close associates of Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan to work forward on this.

Wish this would happen soon.




Here comes a special bonanza to all the fans of Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan. Today at 8.30 am Sun Tv aired the Show Enakku Nadikka Theriyaathu interviewing Thalaivan and our hero was giving awesome replies.

We at Simbucentral thought that most of the fans and people would have missed the show as it was too early to start off in the morning ; ) so, we thought that we would upload a copy for all of you to cherish for.

Once Again a happy diwali to all. And a Special Notice to the fans of Simbu and to all the Tamils in London from Simbucentral. Hope and wish you all take part in the peace protest rally today at 12 to 5 from Embarkment to Hyde Park. Come and help the innocent tamils live a peaceful life.

- Hariharan Naidu

You can See the Videos Below.

For an alternative Link Check They have a better quality than us. We are noting you guys this, as we want all the simbu fans to have a better look at Lss Silambarasan.

7:05 PM

Diwali Wishes From Lss Silambarasan and Simbucentral.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

10:39 PM

Simbu & Co. In Sun Tv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hello guys,

This Diwali is indeed a special moment for Thalaivan Silambarasan as he got his favorite BMw X6 and has got some good movies under his belt.

This Diwali we can see Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan at 8.30 Am. "I.S.T" on 17th  in Sun Tv. The Actor will be accompanied with Princess Trisha and the VTv Crew.

They will show case the composure of a Dance that was taken at chennai and choreographed by Flexy Stu. who shot few songs in Vaaranam Aayiram and also a song in VTv. Taken in Malta Islands.

Don't Miss the Action. SimbuCentral will come up with a online release of that show. Take care.

10:27 PM

Diwali Wishes From SimbuCentral.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

SimbuCentral Wishes all its viewers a Diwali with Prosperity and happiness. Of course Simbucentral Team is not celebrating Diwali this year as this year is the Saddest year of Tamil People around the world.

We "Simbucentral Admins" Stand for the Cause of those people and ask every Fan of Simbu to light a Deepam at their house on that day for the welfare of Tamils across the Globe and for the Tamils in our neighborhood Eelam.

Let us be a example for all the fans across the globe for all the actors. Tamilan Endru Sollidu , Thalai Nimirndhu Nindridu.

3:34 PM

Exclusive : Simbu In FEFSI Function.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Source : T.R.Silambarasan Orkut Community.

5:55 PM

VTv crew to fly to New York Tomorrow.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The Vtv Crew is all set for the final works of the movie. The last schedule will take in US and two songs will be choreographed there as per our sources.

It is also said that the Trailer of the movie is almost over and people are validating for correction. According to sources the trailer is so impressive with flashy works and cloud effects.

And it is expected that the Trailer will be out for Diwali as a bonanza for the Simbu Fans.

Great Going.

And Simbucentral Team wishes all Silambarasan Fans a Happy and prosperous Diwali Weak ahead.

Veelvathu Naamayinum ; Vaalvathu Nam Thalaivan Silambarasan Aagattum.

"Tamilargalin thaagam , Tamil Eela Thaayagam" "Protest in London on 17th do join and support".

- Simbucentral

A Special Gift From Simbucentral to the Fans of Princess Trisha.

3:33 AM

Birthday Wishes To Simbu's Orkut Lead Soldier Kandavel

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbucentral Team is proud in wishing the person who brought all Simbu fans in Orkut together in one group. None other than Kandavel.

Wish you a happy prosperous birthday ahead. We wish to see your support to Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan ever.

Fans Can Wish him here in the comment Section.


Loyal Fans Silambarasan

2:27 AM

Exclusive :Pics From Renigunta.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

1:23 AM

Tid Bit : Varalakshmi SarathKumar in Vaaliban.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After creating a huge attention in the tinsel town with Poda Podi, and that too after a sudden announcement that she left the movie, here is a good news.

Varu is back to share the screen space with Thalaivan Silambarasan. This time it is not Poda Podi , but it is Vaaliban , a movie which has the story of Thalaivan and it is also said that Simbu will take the direction and the Screen play part with Yuvan Shankar Raja "U1" taking the Music Department and Antony the Editing part. Neerav Shah or R.D.Rajasekar will vie the Camera and the movie will be produced by Nic. Arts Chakravarthy.

Ps : Poda Podi is not dropped as of now. Poda Podi will start soon . Expect the unexpected as said by our hero "Only God Can Judge Me".

Any way ... Varu is back... thats the news for all the mongers out there.

1:14 AM

Simbu in Renigunta Audio Release

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

2:58 AM

Will Simbu share Screen Space?

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The second time entrant from Tollywood, Anushka has been tweeted to share screen space with Simbhu by director Bhoopathy Pandian.

After films like 'Devadhaiyai Kanden' and 'Thiruvilaiyadal Arambam', Bhoopathy took a long break but now is ready to slam back with force. He cut ties with Dhanush and has now prepared a script for Simbhu. The actor consented to be part of the film once Gautam Menon's 'Vinnaithandi Varuvaya' gets over, and will begin work for this untitled flick.
Right after 'Vettaikaran', Anushka's call sheet diary has the dates vacant and Simbhu is keen to pair up with the actress.

Will Anushka say yes or no to Simbhu? Just keep guessing! It would be out shortly!

3:47 AM

Original BGM From VTv

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

For Further details check Www.Vtvthefilm.Com

7:03 PM

A Site That Gives in all about Vtv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Check The Official Movie Website of Vtv From EScape Artists Motions & Pictures.
This is just to showcase that we can still do the best for Thalaivan Thiru  Lss Silambarasan. Have a Great Diwali Ahead. Take care.

1:34 AM

SimbuCentral Will No More Remain Official.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We are Wondering what to say , We are out of words and we wanted to convey the news that we "SimbuCentral Admins" all together have decided to remove the Official Status of the Fans Site.

So here it is, we no longer are the Official Online Portal, Fan Club and Representative for Lss Thalaivan Thiru T.R.Silambarasan "Simbu".

We took this decision after a serious debate. We Apologize to all the Loyal Aides of Thalaivan and to the Viewers of Simbucentral Website. Thanks for Supporting us throughout this time.

Ps : We will not close SimbuCentral as it remained the Crest of Simbu Fans All over the World and also close to Thalaivan's heart, though we will propaganda for Thalaivan at situations and will always continue to bring in the best we do.

Anbu and Arun are Releived from their work and they will continue with their further studies and I "Hariharan" will just over see the Site at times. The site will move to Kandavel and to his aides if they are interested.

Disclaimer :

This decision was taken as group "Simbucentral Admin" independently without influences or pressure from outside. And this decision is no where related to Thalaivan Thiru T.R.Silambarasan and to the Fan Club Office. And this decision is Final.

Former "President" and Founder
"International Silambarasan Fans Federation"

< Hariharan Gajendran >

11:31 PM

Vtv Audio Release date

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hello all,

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya Audio will be released on 23rd October 2009 . The Audio is released by Sony Music for which a huge amount is paid.

The movie is expected to be released by November end or December .