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5:55 PM

VTv crew to fly to New York Tomorrow.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The Vtv Crew is all set for the final works of the movie. The last schedule will take in US and two songs will be choreographed there as per our sources.

It is also said that the Trailer of the movie is almost over and people are validating for correction. According to sources the trailer is so impressive with flashy works and cloud effects.

And it is expected that the Trailer will be out for Diwali as a bonanza for the Simbu Fans.

Great Going.

And Simbucentral Team wishes all Silambarasan Fans a Happy and prosperous Diwali Weak ahead.

Veelvathu Naamayinum ; Vaalvathu Nam Thalaivan Silambarasan Aagattum.

"Tamilargalin thaagam , Tamil Eela Thaayagam" "Protest in London on 17th do join and support".

- Simbucentral


Jana_MyEelam said...

Thanks for the News Bro, MOST AWAITED TRAILER is @ the moment VTV & ROBO (ENTHRAN) :D
V R so Happy to hear that :D

and Thaniya Thalaivaninde News Maddum Illame
Em Eelathin Seithigalaiyum Tharathukku MIKKA NADRI

Ithuthan Diffrence matra Actor websites kkum namode chinna thalände websitekkum

Namada Chinna THALÄ 4 EVAH

Heoiii Namekkeee :D

Anonymous said...

comedy new :P

arjun said...

adv diwlai wishes 2 simz and all simz fans................

Hariharan Naidu said...

that is the only difference from other simbu sites too.. coz we always supported and support for the cause.. This is not about the hero its about the fans..

Tamilargalin Thaagam Thai Tamil Eelam..

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