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10:50 PM

Ye Maaya Chesaave : Audio Launched.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The Telugu version of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya starring Nag Chaitanya and Samantha will be released on the same day as of Vtv on 19th Feb as we had said earlier.

As we said earlier, it is now in papers that Red Giant Pictures , Udhayanidhi Stalin has bought the Tamil Nadu Rights of Thalaivan Yss Starring Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. But here is the inner news from Simbucentral, the rights as been sold for  whopping 10 Crore. Last time Vaaranam Aayiram was sold for 7.5 Crore. And this shows what the movie has in it. With Ar.Rahman. Gowtham menon and Trisha accompanying Thalaivn it is making more and more profit.

And the special news for you fans is that, the movie will be done hard promo by Sun Network, What more surprising is that, even though it is not a Sun Pictures production the Channel is promoting it.

The VTv Producers are said to have paid 2.5 Crore for the Advertisement in the Sun Network alone. With Kalaignar Tv already in line and Sun Joining hands, it is very clear and evident that we have our Mega Block Buster and a award winning movie already in your table.

Some sources reveal that the movie will indeed release as said before on Feb 19th, but we are confident that it will release on 12th.

Any how Simbucentral Wishes for the entire Vtv team and we are expecting fans to work day and night to make the movie even bigger.

A Simbu Fan Loyal Paradise.

1:24 AM

Red Giant Acquires Vtv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It is more good news for every cinema monger and to all the fans of Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan. Red Giant Movies owned by Udhaynidhi Stalin has bought the distribution rights of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya.It is said a record prize has been paid. And every one can remember that last time Gowtham Menon Sold the movie Vaaranam Aayiram to the cousin of Udhay , Dhayanidhi Alagiri.

The movie is said to be postponed and will release only on 19th of February. This gives the distributors and others ample time to promote the movie.With Fans being treated well with the audio, every one re expecting the movie to be released soon.

Ps : Shooting is over in Kerala and Simbu will return to Chennai tomorrow says the source. It is also added that a Marriage hall has been booked to conduct the Simbu 25 Birthday event.


Simbu Central
The Loyal Fans Paradise of Simbu.

11:46 PM

Aaromaley being Picturised.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After striking gold at Music Chart's, Vtv team is now planning to put more efforts to strike the audience with a good choreography of the hit song Aaromaley. The producers have called Princess Trisha and Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan for a shoot that will last a couple of days. Trisha is said to have left from US after the call. Its now speculated that the shoot will be done before Thalaivan Silambarasan's Birthday.

The movie crew is also planning a special event for our Hero. It is already known that the All India Fans Federation of Silambarasan is planning Simbu 25 event on the same day.


Simbucentral ®™

Haters Talent to Criticize and Humiliate Simbu.
Our Simbu's Talent is to be Multi-Talented. ®™

10:24 PM

Coffe With Anu Exclusive For Simbucentral.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Thanks Tamil Rain for the Source.

1:03 AM

Full Length Vtv Trailer.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

9:15 PM

Omana Pennae Shooting On Location.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The Video is mainly for promotions and for Simbu Fans. We are not indicted any copy rights as we neither did use the full song or the Full length video. This is to showcase the way the director Thiru Gowtham Menon has showed his talents on picturisation.

The Video is obtained from the dancer of the crew named Melvin. And we have asked his permission to use the video here.

Disclaimer : The video is not of the admin or of Simbucentral or of simbu fans federation. Any copyright notices should be sent to the member of the dance crew for sharing this.

6:19 PM

Vtv Audio Launch Video.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

thanks Tube tamil for Sharing the Link.

9:44 PM

Vtv Trailer First On Net.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

9:29 PM

Its all Excluisve of Silambarasan this Pongal.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

All Simbucentral viewers are treated with the best of the pictures that is not available any where in the internet as well as with other websites. We are giving you a close shot of what the Vtv Crew did in Malta Islands. All we expect from the viewers and the fans of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan is a comment on the pictures and to spred the Facebook group and site globally.

I am uploading all the pictures in Picassa as we find the blog uneasy for viewers if we post large number of pictures. So we regret for this. Still we have not added logos and also have not reduced the size so you can all download and share it with your friends.

Our Facebook Groups

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Movie Group
SImbuCentral Official Group

We will upload the video clip too, but i wish to release only after its movie launch as it supports piracy.

7:50 PM

English VErsion Of Vtv Audio Invitation.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

share and Enjoy. This is Simbucentral for you guys.. The Big Brother of Silambarasan's Online Media and God Father of Online Promotions.

7:48 PM

Tamil Version Of the Vtv Invite.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Whatever we do can be placed on your desktop, without logos, High Definition. That is Simbucentral for you. We are big brothers of Silambarasan's Online Media.

9:44 AM

Vtv HQ Pictures Without Logos.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbucentral proudly presents Pictures of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya in High Definition. CLick the Preview above, to view all pictures. Simbucentral doesn't depend on any one to give fans what they need. We are depended on Fans and trusted partners the Voiceful Media.

8:28 AM

Exclusive : Hq Pictures of Vtv Music Launch.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Click the picture to go to the Picassa web album where you can get the entire High resolution Pictures.
This is Simbucentral for you people. Check our Orkut Partner Group T.r.Silambarasan. A Small Pongal Present for Simbucentral viewers and Thalaivan YSs Silambarasan Fans.

6:18 AM

Its all praise for Gowtham and Silambarasan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Rest assured Gautham is poised to make a romantic blockbuster in 2010 with his upcoming Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa. If the footages shown at the audio launch held today at Satyam cinemas are anything to go by, Gautham has created a visual treat – both pleasing and tantalizing. Silambarasan looks fresh and Trisha is in her usual somber self.

VTV, by all means, could become a career breakthrough for Silambarasan for he’s portrayed in a never seen before role. He oozes refinement and is blissfully devoid of all his usual flamboyance. Besides, everything from his dialogue delivery, body language and voice modulation is attuned to suit the movie’s tone - a complete makeover of sorts.

Three beautifully shot songs; Kannukkul Kannai, Hosanna and Omana Penne were shown during the event all of which received standing ovation at the auditorium. Of this, Omana Penne song could well become the chartbuster right away and stand testimony for the unspoken and often pent-up love between lovers.

All the songs from the album were performed live on stage and the first copy of the album was released by A R Rahman and received by Kamal. Kamal lauded Silambarasan for his efforts and expressed his desire to watch the movie very soon. Rahman, who spoke at the event, mentioned that he’s leaving it to the fans to decide on the music. Trailer of the movie was also screened at the event.

Silambarasan plays an Asssistant Director who falls for a Malayali Christian gal played by Trisha. A leaf out of Gautham’s real life? We really have no clue. But he did agree that Vaaranam Aayiram was indeed semi-autobiographical though.

Originl Post by Behindwoods.

4:09 PM

Music Launched Yesterday.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We are providing the audio launch pictures and also the pictures of Vtv Exclusive for all the fans of Thalaivan Silambarasan without logos in the evening. Take care guys. Happy Sankaranti and Pongal.

7:45 PM

Fans Release Vtv Audio Cd.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Record sales is already happening with Amazon reporting that the stocks are out and back in chennai we have Planet M and Music world out of stock.

7:33 PM

Vtv Caller tune codes.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

7:55 AM

Audio to be launched Officially today.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

1:30 AM

Exclusive : Vtv Audio Cd View.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Ripper : Vijay
Ps : Buy original Cds and please do not support Piracy.

12:40 AM

Music Review of Vtv.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

1) Omanna Penne:
Steady and soothing.....a composition that oozes with spiritualness and introspection. I love how AR juxtaposes the Western rhythms with the Carnatic raagas first by the female voice, and weaving throughout the stylisticNadaswaram, whose roots are deeply carnatic, but expressed so universally in this track. Wonderful singing by Benny and the Nadaswaram ending is surely a
page from the Rehna Tu continuum outro. Nothing fancy in this composition, but the feeling left behind is extrenmely elevating and cleansing. Fantastic start. (8/10)

2) Anbil Avan:
ARR at his playful best. He must have had a lot of fun putting this track together. There is nothing heavy or mindblowing about this track, but what makes it work for me is the joyful innocence in the melody and the very interesting sonic arrangements using a Shehnai type sound juxtaposed with a church organ sound. The musical interlude that has this also has some very nice, quick chord progressions that defy banality. The melody sticks easy and would be a fun song to dance with. (7/10)

3) Vinnathaandi Varuvaayaa:
Wow......what a minimalistic impact! Minimalistic impact is something that I have been missing from Rahman's ouevre in recent films, but here it is, in its full glory and form. Using a minimalistic sound template for a title song is quite bold and outside the box, but boy does it work for me!!! The acoustic strings (guitar? harp?) along with vibes and small bells create such a unique, peaceful ambience in this song that transports me into a dreamlike world. Beautiful string additions in the mid section only add depth to amazing vocals, chords, and heartfelt emotions in this gem, but likely to be underrated track. Delicate, subtle, dreamy, ambient, soft, restrained, soothing, warming.....I can go on and on..... Again, a track doesn't have to be complex and
adventursome to be powerful....this is the genius of AR....he can create such a powerful ambience using minimal quantity. (8/10)

4) Hosana:
There is no other composer in India who can arrange better than AR. In this song, many of AR's strengths are showcased.....sound structure, layered, thick, yet uncluttered arrangements, symphonic textures, haunting melody, soothing ambience. The sound layers are so clean and crisp....that beautiful strumming acoustic guitar is so nice!!! Also worthy of metion is the high toned Scottish flavored flute and the subtle mandolin rhythms in sync with the main rhythms, punctuated by the pulsating string sections. The female choir with the angelic
expression is one of the most beautiful choir sounds I've heard. This song sticks to you and won't let go. A complete masterpiece IMO that is one of the best songs that ARR has composed in recent years. (9/10)

5) Kunnukkul Kannai
Another playful techno oriented track with some pleasing electronic arrangements. The unique feature of this track for me are the string quartet type rhythmic accents throughout that give this youth song a very Western
classical feel. Relatively simple by composition and sound, but again, a nice dance number with good melody. Rahman not living up to his standards on this one? Well, that's up to you to decide, but it's an enjoyable one for me, though If I had to pick my least favorite in this soundtrack, it's this one. (7/10)

6) Mannipaaya
I was looking forward to this song ever since I knew Shreya and AR would be singing it, a romantic duet. The song has everything I could hope for in a romantic duet....breathtaking melody, beautiful soundscapes, sophisticated arrangements, gentle ambience, subtle symphonic artistry. I love the piano backdrop and so many of the symphonic instruments can be heard in isolation...oboe, clarinet, tympany, flute, etc. A very subtle masterpiece in my opinion, that can only be appreciated by those with a certain musical sensitivity and emotional open-ness, and of course, who like mushy romantic numbers! The melody is quite drawn out with long contours, so it's not a song that's easily melodically remembered the first time go, but certainly sticks with you with repeated exposure. Strengths of this track...mood, delicate arrangements, subtle artistry, certain melodic sections, innocence, sincerity. One of the album's highlights for sure and I hope it's picturized well (9/10)

7) Aaromale
Wow.....just wow!!! AR takes a page from the Pink Floyd era, but nothing here is lifted or copied. Sensual, stylistic, clean acoustic guitar playing along with passionate and mindblowing vocals by Alphonse make this track simply mind blowing. What is so unique about this song is again, minimalistic impact with sound, instruments, but also chordal architecture.......there are only 2 alternating chords being used in the entire song!! Can you believe it? The chorus part which begins with "Susti Susti" harks on raaga Bhimpalas to create
a magical effect....imagine...juxaposing a 2 chord bluesy guitar riff with a raaga based melody.....only AR....only AR.... The added percussions increasing the tempo only add to the intensity and sinisterness to this pathbreaking and out of the box track. And man, what an ending...the way the vocals fade out......oh man!!!! The ambience created is just out of this leaves me stunned, mesmerized, in awe. (10/10)!!!

General highlights of this album include minimalistic impact, originality, very sophisticated and classy arrangements, incredibly strong ambience and sound quality, and soothing influence. I don't think anyone will be complaining about sound issues in this album like we saw for Blue, as ARR I think paid a lot more attention to that aspect this time around, perhaps keeping our "Blue" feedback in mind??? The soundtrack also has a wide range of styles, sounds, musical forms that keep you interested. Because of the highly international, situational, and somewhat unconventional nature of the songs, these will only be appreciated most with time, post movie visuals, and by those who are most open minded about music in general. Those who only like the antara-mukhda type film songs will find the listening experience to be awkward and just too
esoteric. Also, except for the first track with carnatic raagas, most of the rest of the album is void of obvious ethnic Indian sounds/styles/forms, consistent with the international and more universal musical approach. This
again, may be a turn off to some. Like all new ARR albums, esp. ones like this that have some unconventional and new elements, it will take time to grow.

My overall rating....9/10. A distinct highlight of ARR's of the very finest musical packages you will find anywhere in the world today, not because of its complexity, wizzardry, or dynamics, but for sincerity, ambiance, mood, minimalism, subtlety, and overall spiritualness. A nice instrumental track addition would have made this album perfect for me.

Review By Ajit Mundra

Disclaimer : The views are of the author.

7:37 AM

Todays Paper Ad.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

7:36 AM

V T V audio creates history.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

AR Rahman’s highly-anticipated and eagerly-awaited soundtrack from the film 
Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa will be launched on Tuesday, at a popular 
multiplex in the city. What takes the anticipation to new heights is the fact that the audio has created history even before release! There is said to be a terrific advance booking for the audio CD of the film on a shopping portal. Surely, that must be sweet music to Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ears! 
    A spokesperson for the music company, which is 
distributing the album, said, “For the first time ever, there has been such an overwhelming pre-release response for CD orders. The CD has already been marked as Number 1 in the category of ‘World Music — Far East & Asia’ on the portal, implying that it has become a topseller even before its release. This album is A R Rahman’s first, after his double whammy at the Academy Awards and just before the Grammy Awards, which is scheduled to happen in February. A sneak preview of the music of VTV was held in London on December 19 last year, where the entire cast and crew, including A R Rahman, Gautham Menon, Simbu, Trisha and all the singers, were present. Talking about the sneak peek, Gautham Vasudev Menon said, “London was a great experience. We had an unplugged performance of all the songs by the singers who have lent their voices to the album. The audience was predominantly British and they loved the music. People felt it sounded very international — hardly surprising, considering it was composed by AR Rahman. The intention was to reach out and test the music on an international audience. It created a big buzz.” 
    Meanwhile, as part of the promotion, a song from the film Hosanna… has been aired for the first time across all FM stations in Tamil Nadu. And on January 12, the official audio launch will take place in Chennai at a multiplex and AR Rahman will be present. On the occasion, a few songs from the film, which is 
scheduled to release on February 12, will be screened and all the singers will perform live. Audio trade predicts that VTV might go on to become the largest selling audio in Tamil film history, due to Rahmania. Gautham Vasudev Menon concludes with a smile, “Expectations from the film are tremendous and the pressure is on me now.”

Source : Times of India

9:34 PM

Piracy Ruins Indian Cinema.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Right when I hear the word Piracy I am getting Fumed, the reason its going way to much this season. Piracy is always there in Tamil Cinema, we are not worried about that, because good movies always gather people and make money eve though it comes in Cds and Dvd's.

The Real problem here in this season is, people are releasing audio's and video's of movies which are not yet released officially. First it was Supreme Star Sarathkumar's Jakku Bhai, lately Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya , the much fancied and expected audio of the year is now free to be downloaded every where in the net.

But the songs that we are hearing is all a pre work and it is not the final version. The Song hosannah has a different lyrics and the singer has been changed. With Vtv Audio Officially not released it is a huge headache for the production team. But I am happy as many fans took the initiative to stop the piracy.

Piracy is not just about ripping a video and selling it on stores or uploading it over the internet. It is huge cold war that is been played against a country's economy.

Even today, Hollywood as its movies released over the Internet , even before its  release and every one knows well that it is Russian peoples cold war against their economy.

Same alike, countries that doesn't want India to be a super power or get economically stable is doing these works with the help of insane and lame workers in the Indian Cinema Industry.

How can one get a DVd rip, PRe Dvd Rip and a Cam Print, without the knowledge of people. Its very clear, its not a work of a novice to record and to go to shops to sell it. It is uploaded immediately over the internet and shared across all torrent websites. Now check this. torrent sites never require money, where are they getting the money? It is funded to some  terrorism organisations to oppose India.

I am not asking people to stop downloading, I am asking people to get the original Audio Cd's which cost a maximum of 100 Rupees and then to have a copy of the downloaded ones in the computer for frequent listening. The sound quality is a huge difference.

To the rippers and to the publishers : All we are asking is to make space for others to survive.

Its your Country. Its your brothers and sisters who are suffering with the Piracy. We are hurting people who are dedicated to entertain us. Please stop these works.


Hariharan Gajendran

6:38 PM

Exclusive : Preview of All Vtv Songs.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

MP3 Songs

Song Title
  1. Omana Penne
Benny Dayal;Kalyani Menon
Not Available

  2. Anbil Avan
Devan Ekhambaram;Chinmayi
Not Available

  3. Vinnathaandi Varuvaayaa
Not Available

  4. Hosanna
Vijay Prakash;Suzanne;Blaaze
Not Available

  5. Kannukkul Kannai
Naresh Iyer
Not Available

  6. Mannipaaya
A.R. Rahman;Shreya Ghoshal
Not Available

  7. Aaromale
Not Available

6:36 PM

Anjaathey Ajmal to play in Ko with YSs.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Ajmal a small time actor who has done some 3 films, is pinned to act in KO the K.V.Anand Directed Simbu Starrer. It is said Ajmal story line was interesting that he accepted the offer.

This will be the first time where Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan will be sharing the screen space with an other Actor.

The Actor ''Äjmal" is currently doing a un named movie. And KO starts this January 18th. Two music lines have been composed and K.V.Anand is expecting more from Harris Jeyaraj. They are currently in Macau bringing in the best tunes.

7:59 AM

Three More Days for the Musical Ecstacy.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

8:34 AM

Vtv Audio in 4 days.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

9:52 PM

Simbu a Trend Setter.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Its well known that all Youngsters prefer Electronic Gadgets to big gifts. Now here are few facts on our Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan.

Thalaivan Yss Silambarsan wears only branded Tee's and Shirts. He loves to wear Armani  products and you can find him in every where with it.

He uses Armani Perfume , Sorry we cant reveal the name of the product.

He gets most of his dresses abroad and thats because he loves shopping without any hazzles there.

It is known well that he bought a BMW X6 recently and jazzed it up with 10 Lakh worth Accessories.

He also uses Iphone 3Gs. So this shows the way our hero change the way the followers are.

A Trend Setter Indeed.

9:19 PM

Birthday Wishes to the Musical Genius.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu Central with regards to the entire Fans Federation of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan wishes Musical Maestro, Oscar Awardee Dr.A.R.Rahman a very prosperous birthday.

Sir, winning the oscar didn't make is proud , but the words 'Ellaam Pugalum Iraivanukkey Did.'

When people are self obsessed and publicity mongers. You showed us how to take on the life and how to respect others.

We bow to your talents and character. Take care Sir.

Live long and let the soul of music grow longer.


Hariharan Gajendran

6:26 AM

Exclusive : Simbu Interview in Vikatan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

These are exclusive from Simbucentral and people cn share it. We don't want to add the logo to it. Share and enjoy.

Its all surprises for the fans of Tamil cinema and Yss Silambarasan. It was reported Tamanaah will star oppose Thalaivan in the upcoming K.V.Anand flick titled KO. 

But in a surprising way, it is speculated that Tamanaah was left and Karthika the daughter of Yesteryear Heart throb Radha is paired oppose Simbu. It is said Radha spoke to the production team Rs.Infotainment and the producers where really happy to star the actress. 

Karthika has done only one film for now titled JOSH starring Nag Chaitanya in Telugu. Nag Chaitanya is currenly doing the remake of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya in Telugu. 

Any way, we are happy to see the sexy actress debut in Tamil cinema with Thalaivan Silambarasan. This is not yet official. Sources have promised to confirm this.


Hariharan Gajendran
Simbu Central

4:53 AM

Vtv Audio Cds Will be available in stores from 12th Jan.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

As Said earlier the songs are getting released late from its audio launch. It can also be pre ordered in amazon.
To pre-order Click here.

Hariharan Gajendran

Simbu Central

6:03 PM

Sony BMG and Rahman - Create Ripples.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Sony Music has bagged the music rights of A R Rahman's next two big project in South India- Gautham Menon’s Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya (VTV) in Tamil and Telugu.

Divulging the marketing plans for the project, Sony Music Southern Repertoire head Ashok Parwani says: "We intend to make Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya a crossover album as we believe A R Rahman as a brand and this music has the power to transcend language and regional barriers. We will service the song videos to all leading music channels – Tamil and National as AR Rahman has a universal reach”.

Remember the music of VTV was previewed at the Bafta Awards with much fanfare.

Added Parwani: “ Apart from servicing of songs on the radio and the web, we have a lot of on-ground and retail level innovations planned out in the form of road shows, special contests with instant gratifications, meet and greet with the cast and crew. On the digital and mobile front, we have a lot of innovations planned including the iPhone application – which will be a global first for Sony Music India
Author : MovieBuzz @

5:56 PM

Happy Birthday Little Princess.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu Central with regards to the entire fans federation of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan wish a very Proseperous Birthday to the Little Princess Anoushka Ajith Kumar. We wish the family a happy celebration.

We also wish the Star a happy New Year and wishes for his ASAL Audio and movie.


Hariharan Gajendran


4:29 PM will not work for few days.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hello Fans and Followers of Thalaivan Yss Silambarasan. On the eve of marking the new year, you guys know that we at Simbucentral are working on to give you a new design to the loyalite group. So we are working on the make over. So please use for few days from now till our direction. will be back in few days with new design. Cheer up.

Haters talent to Imitate and Criticize Simbu.
Simbu's Talent is to be Multi-Talented.

1:15 AM

Is the Vtv Audio On hold to be released on 10th?

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The answer seems to be yes. With the Birthday of the Music Legend falling on January 6th, it is expected that the Production crew is planning a event as said earlier. But the surprise in store is, will our Musical Genius be free on that day? No one thinks so. We expect that the audio launch would either be on 6th evening or on 7th of January. But the audio cd's will be available only from 10th of Jan as it takes time to deliver them to all the suppliers.

And fans in Europe are Concerned too, whether Ayngaran would sell it or it would be from Sony Music. So its all surprises from the movie and the movie crew of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. Any way we will keep you all updated on this segment.

Stop Piracy , Save Tamil Cinema.


Note : Fans and well wishers, Please share and spread the word SimbuCentral Around. Many are not aware of the informations. Let them get updated too. Any thing for Thalaivan Silambarasan. Lets spread the mantra SIMBU globally. To share, go to our facebook fan page and share it and also post news from our site.

9:23 PM

Fan Made Demo Trailer.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

6:41 PM

Silambarasan Simbu In Las Vegas : Video

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

2:35 AM

Two 95 Inc. bags Vtv Overseas Distribution.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

VTv Which is gonna be released on the eve of Valentine day, that is on 12th of February is been distributed by Two95 Entertainment, Inc. They have bought the rights to distribute the movie across US, Canada and Europe.

The film was shot in many picturesque locations including the beautiful Malta islands near Italy and various locations in the U.S.A including the Big Apple, New York City, and various scenic spots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The audio of the film first rocked the public on a calm Saturday, 18th December in London at a glamorous function presided by A.R.Rahman himself with playback singers giving live performances to a full theater. It was received very well by the public and is sure to raise the anticipation levels. “The music is really great, so are the visuals in the songs. I expect it to be a blockbuster” – says Shanker Koladi who attended the audio launch in London.

 It is clear that every one will get to hear the songs from January 10th after its musical launch in Chennai.

Simbucentral Admins will be spread across all Countries to give you the best updates on the audio reviews and on the first day celebrations across the theatres allover.

11:16 AM

Silambaatam Tv Premiere.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu