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9:34 PM

Piracy Ruins Indian Cinema.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Right when I hear the word Piracy I am getting Fumed, the reason its going way to much this season. Piracy is always there in Tamil Cinema, we are not worried about that, because good movies always gather people and make money eve though it comes in Cds and Dvd's.

The Real problem here in this season is, people are releasing audio's and video's of movies which are not yet released officially. First it was Supreme Star Sarathkumar's Jakku Bhai, lately Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya , the much fancied and expected audio of the year is now free to be downloaded every where in the net.

But the songs that we are hearing is all a pre work and it is not the final version. The Song hosannah has a different lyrics and the singer has been changed. With Vtv Audio Officially not released it is a huge headache for the production team. But I am happy as many fans took the initiative to stop the piracy.

Piracy is not just about ripping a video and selling it on stores or uploading it over the internet. It is huge cold war that is been played against a country's economy.

Even today, Hollywood as its movies released over the Internet , even before its  release and every one knows well that it is Russian peoples cold war against their economy.

Same alike, countries that doesn't want India to be a super power or get economically stable is doing these works with the help of insane and lame workers in the Indian Cinema Industry.

How can one get a DVd rip, PRe Dvd Rip and a Cam Print, without the knowledge of people. Its very clear, its not a work of a novice to record and to go to shops to sell it. It is uploaded immediately over the internet and shared across all torrent websites. Now check this. torrent sites never require money, where are they getting the money? It is funded to some  terrorism organisations to oppose India.

I am not asking people to stop downloading, I am asking people to get the original Audio Cd's which cost a maximum of 100 Rupees and then to have a copy of the downloaded ones in the computer for frequent listening. The sound quality is a huge difference.

To the rippers and to the publishers : All we are asking is to make space for others to survive.

Its your Country. Its your brothers and sisters who are suffering with the Piracy. We are hurting people who are dedicated to entertain us. Please stop these works.


Hariharan Gajendran


Anonymous said...

All VTV songzz have been release on the net yesterdaii... every1 plezz try not to download them.... buy the CD and support Thala

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