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Saudi Arabia is a diverse Country with Many tamilians living ashore. And we the admins from Simbucentral and International Silambarasan Fans Federation are happy to announce that a new fan club is opened there for LSS Thalaivan Silambarasan and will strive hard for the upliftment of Tamils in Saudi.

The Fan Club is opened by Bilal Sherif and will be administered by his frenz and co Tamilians.

The Fan Club currently has 47 members and it will generate fastly. And we are hereby attesting the Fan club as the official one in Saudi Arabia. Officers and Postings will be changed if there is any kind of Misinterpretation or if the growth is not sustaining.

The Fan Club is also in Facebook

And for the main fan club

Fans in Saudi Wing can always get information from Simbucentral and from the SA Wing.

Thanks and Congratz for the new team. In the pic "Bilal Sheriff" President SA Wing.

"International Silambarasan Fans Federation"



Anonymous said...

i am a g8888888888888888888888888888888 fan of simbu i want to talk to simbu dis is my maid id if simbu see means plsssssssss mail meee

Anonymous said...

U are so superbbbbb....

I'm a big fan....

rose said...

hi....simbu i love u

shaheen said...

hey simbu if u see this pls can u sed ur id to this email

really iam a big fan of u

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