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Bringing back Divya to justify the character in Jessie.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Mounaraagam, a classic movie, which is worshiped by every single cinema lover is still portrayed as one of the best romantic movie ever. If you get to watch it, you would be taken aback by the screen play and the musical extravaganza of the movie. The movie left many stunned and gave a big boost to the lovers as well as the industry.

Maniratnam, the man with magic fingers gave us what we still feel as one of the best movie to watch when ever we feel lonely or whenever we are in the mood of love. The story revolves around Divya, an Brahmin girl, who wanna make every moment of hers an enjoyable one. And she has that typical Brahmin Family. Father working in as Government employee and a elder brother and two sisters. Well she is forced to get married by her parents and she nods for it. It was Mohan who stunned every one with his acting and performing as if he lived the character. 

They tie knot, and end up to live separately, with Divya '' Revathy '' on a confused state of mind giving no good for the knuptial knot. And on one fine evening she lets know that she was already in love with a guy and that she still loves him. So there goes the flash back. Again the flash back shows a confused Divya, who at times takes bold decisions and at later half asks her lover "Karthik" to listen to what she says. And the movie goes on and at last, it goes like questioning if Mohan and Divya will stay together for life or will apply for a Divorce. Again showing the confused state of mind which Divya was.

Now this is how the movie VTv takes us too.. A confused Jessie, a truly loving person in Karthik and a typical Keralaitte accent. Will they get together or not. Critics say history always repeats, and it did happen with the characterization and with the success of both the movies. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is now said to be the highest ever collecting tamil movie of the century. It has broken the records of Sivaji and Chandramukhi. 

So, it was Revathy who was loved that time by the youngsters and Trisha now for the innocence and their confused state of mind. And again it was Maniratnam at that time and Goutham vasudev Menon now.

- Hariharan Gajendran


Anonymous said...

excellent how Gautham "the great" menon is compared to maniratnam i love it. i do hope gautham menon becomes just as i as maniratnam! and simbhu was just soo awesome in vtv his performance blew me away!

Shamnaf said...

Ippo Enna solla vara Jessie ?

Anonymous said...

i think its still early to compare gautham menon wit the legend maniratnam...gautham still as got alot to do..

n i think i prefer revathi's role in mouna raagam than trisha role in vtv cos i feel revathi;s role was not confusing was reasonable as she had a ex lover..whereas jessie was a confusing character.therefore i think they differ.

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