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Tamil Cinema is not short of debates at any given time. Seven or six years before people were debating about who would be the next superstar. Then came the director’s period where creators showcased the uniqueness. The debated topic changes to who is the best either Bala or Selvaraghavan or…..

Yes, once again the trend changes and we are now speaking about world class films, and what ones needs to do to get noticed globally and who are those technicians who have that potential to take Tamil Cinema across the borders.

When we debate on this we speak about Kamal, Bala, Radha Mohan, Sasi Kumar, Selvaraghavan, Suriya, Murugadoss and the list goes on…. But I personally feel one name is getting either less or no importance in such kind of debates. Yes it is none other than Silambarasan himself.

With the kind of talent he has got it looks a bit. odd for me to leave this man in such kind of debates. At his age, apart from acting he is focusing on direction, singing, editing, sound engineering and script writing. But I just want to ask myself is this critics mistake or Silambarasan’s one.

I rather blame more on Silambarasan than critics. Yes and am not here to question his ability but to question his decision in choosing his scripts which is not up to his mark.

People say VTV or Manmadhan is his best, but I do feel Thotti Jaya is his best in terms of performance. Yes, Jaya is definitely not guy next door. Had you watched the movie you would definitely have been absorbed into it, for the guy has beautifully played the role. The stunt sequences were not the normal ones and more than the dance was really fantastic and matured. I can’t see normal Silambarasan’s dance, but he behaved in Thotti Jaya even when he danced.

When it comes to VTV lots of people were surprised and shocked after seeing his performance. When Harbhajan Singh beats Sachin’s record of 200 runs in ODI every one will be surprised but when Viru gets it people will just appreciate and I just clapped for his performance in VTV. Because I was just waiting for the guy to shift gears.

I am not writing this column to say Silambarasan has to be choosy in his roles, but I want to say that we are missing some revolutionary scripts from his end.

Something like Subramaniapuram where the film has invested lots of confidence in producers and distributors, films which has quality rather than just commercialism. We haven’t seen something from you which could set or change the trend.

Yes I do agree that some of his good works have been tossed up, every few people know that he has penned Loosu Penne.

He definitely has the guts to make his critics like a Sunday newspaper horoscope.

Now the audience are very clear that they are even dare enough to just slap a commercial flick even if it come from big guns. They are clearer on logics and started hating commercialism where logic goes for a toss.

I hope Silambarasan will be very aware of this change. This change will definitely suit actors of his kind who have lots of talent.

We have technicians like KS Ravikumar with whom we expect either 2 films a year or 3 in 2 years to provide us more entertainment on the other hand we also have technicians like Manirathnam, Kamal whom we never expect even one film a year, but when they showcase their thoughts in a 70 mm screen we would definitely expect some magic in it.

But when it comes to Silambarasan, as a critic I do expect a balanced output between the above two.

I would definitely suggest Silambarasan to spend at least 20 percent of his time in other languages like Telugu and Malayalam. He may not cast in the entire film but when he scripts or when he gets an opportunity to do a cameo he may focus on it. Definitely it will be a wise choice to even involve in multi-starrer scripts with other state actors. This will definitely give him visiting card in other states.

Silambarasan is a good creator, sometimes a script may require at least 100 Crores to justify its visuals and during that time this visiting card will definitely be vital in taking risks.

If Silambarasan could take some brave steps, then definitely he is lot more than just ‘Young Superstar’.

The view is of the Behindwoods Columnist. For the direct link you can click here.

- Hariharan Gajendran


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VTV has already put him in the league of big stars...Young superstar rockzzzzz....

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