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Vtv roaring high even on 50th day of its release.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Is that true we are in to the modern arena ?. Yes says Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya with its interpretation of love and screen play.

I have seen quite a lot of movies which gave that unique feel. As in Mounaraagam , Alaipaayuthey, Idhayathai Thirudaathey, Kadhal Kottai, Kadhalukku Mariyaathai, Mann Vasanai and Punnagai Mannan, each film had its own way of showing love and I would say they were beautiful.

But Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya was something special. It changed the lifestyle of many. For a fact I was able to see quite a few people now changing the way they use to speak, to the way they dress and to be more matured. At times when IPL 20/20 is taking every one, VTv has made sure, IPL is just an entertainer, where as Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is reality at screens.

It is not like I am praising Goutham menon or Silambarasan, but the fact is they have to be praised because; they have given a movie with elegance and maturity. For Goutham Menon it is quite a big break after Vaaranam Aayiram and for Simbu it is the biggest ever hit which gave him the extra fame and credentials.

Trisha- No words to describe her acting. She just took each frame of hers to the new heights. Right when she quips Simbu asking, Nee enna follow panna la illa? To Naan Appa kitta poi solrein , there is nothing between us so that we can move around easily. I was able to see Revathy’s innocence in Trisha for the first time.

Coming to Cinematography : Goodness, It was P.C.Sreeram the legend in Mounaraagam and here it is Manoj Paramahamsa. He leaves us spell bound with his magic in showing love and the beautiful shots at Allepey and Malta. It is no wonder that he will take Tamil cinema to new heights. The visuals in VTv was amazing and few shots where Trisha and Simbu move around in bikes and the Mannipaaya song took every one to their dreams. A special pat to this guy.

Never should we forget Thaamarai, her lyrics to the songs has been a major attraction to the movie, a simple line put forward with loads of essence in it "Kadalinil meenaaga irunthaval naan, Unakena karai thaandi vanthaval thaan" and "Yenn Idhayam Udaithaai norungavey, Yen Maru idhayam , Tharuvein nee udaikavey" where phenomenal.

Infact Ar.Rahman himself praised her for putting in awesome lines and lyrics. She deserves more than a award for her lines.

 Simbu our brother, leaves no space for any one to criticize this time, the way he spoke, to the way he acted, just showed his real nature. People close with the Actor say thats his real character, I personally say that too. He has showed what maturity can cause and what his talents are in the entire movie.

I have seen him blasting people in reel life, and throwing some punch dialogues, but here it was all life and reality. The scene at KFC showed his real humour sense, and that’s how he makes everyone laugh behind the screens. The presence of mind, biriyani irukka? Illa la.. Chicken kudu.. and appadiya at the climax,With a glitch of smile in his face made every one laugh and wonder on how he was able to make people laugh even with a slow voice modulation.

A.R. Rahman and his Magic hands :

We all know that the key success of the movie is attributed to A.R.Rahman’s songs and his Background Music. Right from the AAromaley female version to Jessie is on fire. He was able to bring in two sets of Back ground music to Trisha, when she is romantic and when she was angry. I simply loved the Jessie is on fire back ground theme.

Producer Ganesh was resembling V.K.Ramasamy the ace comedian of “velaikaaran,mounaraagam, agni natchathiram, tharmathin thalaivan and many”. Ganesh simply took every one to the happiest mood with his simple but powerful enough words to bring in the smile at every ones face. I can still think of the scene where I was jumping on the seats, When Simbu is asked to come out of the bus by Trisha’s brother, and when he slaps Ganesh, the next scene he was like, Avana Podu, Un Machaana podu, Anga podu, Inga podu , that was hilarious.

Between the reasons the film is running house full even after 50 days collecting 5.32 Crores in Chennai alone even with Piracy at its high; it is because of the natural chemistry and the screenplay in the movie. Many felt Simbu and Trisha should join together, but again many felt they shouldn’t coz that’s reality. In reality we can see 100s of such people.

 I was able to witness a huge changeover for Simbu after this movie; people in the so called Class- A speak all well about him and media as shown Thumb’s Up for this talented person.

All I could ask the producers now is “When will the Original DVD be out and the Producer replies – On the 100thday of the movie.” So let us wait for few more days to witness Love in reality at our home screens from the month of June. Let us support True love and true cinema. And thanks to the entire crew and Simbu for this movie. We are simply in love with it and we are expecting you to show your talents in the right way, which you always do. Cheers.

Author : Hariharan Gajendran
Copy Rights :


tapasya said...

A very .... clear & a brilliant write-up .... showering the LOVE 4 "VINNAITHAANDI VARUVAAYA" & the entire crew ...... Keep it up & always keep it HIGH ......

Anoj said...

Bro I juz love the article...Superb work...

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