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Vtv : A Movie with touch of Class.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

VTv is a surprise in store for most of the Tamil movie buffs like me; in fact I haven’t seen any of Gautham Menon’s movies in full before. Being a busy bee with a hectic work load, I hardly get the time to watch movies, but I do not miss when I hear about a good movie, I depend on fair reviews in dependable magazines and online blogs.

We are in an era where violence, gangsters, dons, underworld, filth in the name of comedy and childish romance is being portrayed in our Tamil movies, it is refreshing to watch a movie like VTV, which is the best romantic Tamil movie seen in a long long time, after Alay Payuthey perhaps. Hats off to Gautham Menon for having the courage and the ability to make such a beautiful movie and provide us the entertainment that we crave for. After reading rave reviews one after another, I sat to watch the movie to absorb each scene and the dialogues (mostly real life dialogues); I hardly watch a movie twice, unless it has the ingredients as VTV.

 In fact I have said some of the dialogues myself to my wife the time we were courting one another, at a time she was contemplating to depart, I convinced her to stay as friends but not for long, when we realized we cannot stay mere friends, there was more than friendship deep down our hearts and minds, that was real romance, simply we call LOVE. We were inseparable since then.

As we say the proof is in the pudding, I mean the letter from KB to GM is a proof how much VTV has appealed to such personalities of the caliber as K. Balachander. When there were talks about various directors who will carry the Tamil Film Industry on their shoulders during the coming years, I have no hesitation to say Gautham falls in line with Mani Ratnam and Shankar in the highest league who will churn out movies of high quality in the years to come, to raise the level of movie making in the Tamil movie industry. The expectations are high of Gautham. Simple story telling is one thing, but VTV is a movie with excellence in all departments, direction, music, camera, editing, screenplay, etc.

Trisha is cute and looks lovely; I can fall in love with this woman all over again if I am young. Silambarasan surprised me too, now he has been raised to another level in his acting career, he must be careful of choosing the correct screenplays for his future movies.

Now AR Rahman, what a set of songs he has churned out for this movie, no doubt one of his best compositions and after a long time AR, this is what your fans are looking for, you have proved again with such classics as Hosanna, Omana Penne, Anbil Avan & Mannipaya, but you surprised me with ‘Aroammale’, a complete Malayalam song in a Tamil movie!!, who cares about the lyrics, this song is unique and new to Tamil, it must have been inspired by ‘Pink Floyd’, and it sounds Jazz, what a wonderful composition man. We are expecting AR to bring out such freshness into Tamil songs as well.

Finally, as KB has said in his letter to GM, the chemistry between Gautham (the captain) and his technical counterparts is clearly evident.


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