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VTV & YMC Report from a Fan of Pure Cinema.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It breaks your heart, it beats fast, u feel the stomach heavy, eyes need tears, face needs a smile. Poetic Visual screenplay.Underplayed simbu and adorable Trisha. A must watch. I'll give VTV - 4/5. 

Chaitanya and Samantha in Telugu was a different experience. Movie very-very fresh even after watching VTV. Chai has improved drastically from Josh and I feel he should have chosen this as his first script. Samantha was a revelation. Hardwork she has done earlier in her career shows. This earns 4.5 on 5. Just because it's a super remarkable performance by new performers.

Simbhu in a never before seen role. Turning point in his career. All of them know what he is capable off, and it took years for him to show his 'class'. Simbhu - please move forward in this 'direction' carved by Gautham 'Vasudev' Menon.

Trisha, personal favorite of mine, has been disappointing me a lot these days with no good roles. But with VTV, she has bounced back big time and what an amazing come back. Trisha's thirst for good meaty role started with "Abhiyum Naanum" but finally its "Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya" that does her the 'Maya'.

Akkineni Clan's Top Heir, Naga Chaitanya is boyish and cute. Much matured performance. he is sure to make his family proud. Chaitanya, Way to go buddy.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu - Amazing performance and what a role for a debutant. Acting super. Expressions nice - 'Keka'. An award winning performance. Hope she chooses the right scripts like YMC in the future.

Apart from Simbhu and Trisha (Naga Chaitanya and Samantha), Producer-Actor Ganesh - What a performance!. In Telugu, the role played by Krishnudu is not that comical as the Tamil one played by Ganesh. You made us smile and laugh even during sad and intense moments. Ganesh Sir scores 100%.

Sameera does a cameo of sorts. Promo for Gautham's movie with Sameera. :)

Chinmayi 's dubbing is classy. She has already gone places as a singer. Now with dubbing am sure she will go places too. Awesome Narration by Gautham Menon. AR Rahman sir's BGM - biggest plus to this "poetic visual screenplay". Songs add to the visual story teling - meaning as the story moves. Picturisation of songs could have been better except Aaromale Song, which bought in shivers. Lack of Choreography is seen in the movie, was not required at most but where ever. Lyricist Thamarai's Poems are adorable. Kaithapuram Sir and Kalyani Menon Maam's Lyrics causes Shivers. Stunts Silva's only stunt sizzles, Rajeevan shows class in Art Direction as usual, Editing, i guess, was the most difficult task in the movie. Though there were loads of blurry cuts, I think this was unavoidable or may be the 'candid style' that GM wanted. Editing scores. I should have mentioned her name in the initial stages of this review - Nalini Sriram, the costume designer - Hats off! Never seen Trisha so beautiful and Simbhu so simple and elegant. The Next Big name in this review i missed needs a separate paragraph.

Manoj Paramahamsa, the cinematographer. Stunning Visuals, he spells Magic on screen. Be it Alapuzzha, Chennai, Hyderabad, New York, Goa - visuals are mind blowing. Use of Steadicam's in Hosanna song was Super and gave the right feel to it. He is the Next Big Person in Cinematography for India from the South.

Vinnaithandi varuvaayaa = I will cross the skies to watch this movie.

Ye Maya chesave = nannu (andarni) maayam chesindi.

Dialogues you will love -

KFC:Excuse me sir, ur order sir. Sir, ur order sir. Excuse me sir, ur order sir. Simbhu:Yo iruyaa 2 minusham paartuthu irruken le KFC:Sir, ur order sir. Simbhu:Biriyani irruka, ille le chicken ka kudu.

avalo malayalam theridhu...sirippu varudhu'ley. lol

unga veedu eppidi irruku-m ANTI, unga veetey sutthi enna ellam irrukkum ANTI, Puttu Kadala kadey irruka ANTI.....

try the chicken strips, they are reeeeeally good here....

"she's like on facebook all the time"

Phani 'work'?, cinema - Poto-graphy. Any problem? thambi enna da look vudraan.

I le mattum daan yu sollu-liya

nariya love story padangal-ley church wedding daan oru climax aa varum...un life leyum oru church wedding climax...BLOODY TRAGEDY. adey vere paakanum'gra... dei andha chinna sotta paarthu taan. odidalaam... thambi kai-ye kudu thedu. Enna da Palli ghilli ulren raan. vaa.varen varen.romba thanksungey. dei, sutti gitti irrukaraven nambaley alien maadiri paakaraanga da nambaley.

I - have - come - here - for - a - Location

hey! that guy hates you man

Thirupaachi padam paartha maadiri irrukudu

dei varattum daa. naa periya camera man...enna paathadum vitthudu vaanga... simbhu says, "ungala paartho ne daan mudaley vuduvaanga.."

Ye, ennada adhe church maadiri irruku... ivalo sikirama un paadhai maarum nu ennakku theriyadhu le...

Cross roads of life nu solriya...nalla irrukudu da un philosophy. ellam seriya poidum...ellathukkum oru solution varum...ippo namakku oru vandi varum manishan ku eppo laam prachanai-O vandi varum... sonnein paaru...vanchuruchu. indha vandi le yeri pona, unakku oru pudhiya padhai kidaikum. trust me odivaa.. run run run...dei thambi, kambi aa pudichi yeru, vaazhkai-ye maarapodhu.

Ivankitta yedo malayalatthuley pesraan...sir il tell you...dont trust eem. :)

Thanks to Naveen Varadarajan
The View is of the author and the credit goes to him.


Anonymous said...

hello mr hari...i juz wanna know how did u get to know simbhu..u seem to be like his close friend taking care of his social network he yur childhood friend or something like tat?..can u plz let me know i am juz curious hehe:)..tx

Anonymous said...

hello..recently in facebook everyone was talking abt simbhu movie enga vettu velan..can u plz tell me where i can watch tat movie..can u plz give me the link or something like tat..cos eager to watch the movie cant find it else where..i need yur help..tx alot..

Hariharan Naidu said...

mr anonymous.. I am a fan of his.. his unrelated brother..and a friend .. to be frank..all fans of simbu are his brothers...

cheers.. instead of questioning.. try to put something extra special for Simbu and for our fellow fans..cheers buddy..

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