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VTv : Silambarasan's real face.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

VTV is one nice movie which I've seen in the recent days. Good movies are in dearth as mass heroism has taken the front seat in Kollywood. Even Bharath like actors who did great movies like Boys, Kadhal have taken the boat and falling flat, quite regularly.

In this era of such heroes, Gautham has converted Silambarasan who used to be a mass hero who usually has

- 5 fight scenes where he uproots the lamp post and smacks the villains

- 4 songs with a heroine running around a tree

- 3 Heroism scenes where he speaks 1000 punch dialogues

- 2 overacts to the minimum

- 1 love making scene where he bites heroine's lip like a Pitta bread.

to a 'real hero'. Thanks to Gautham for that! Silambarasan you were wonderful in both acting and dance! You'll go places if you continue this.

Gautham has made good use of the genius called Rahman to the core. Be it Hosanna the popular song to 'Omana penne, VTV is heaven in my ears Amazing picturisation to complement the. songs made it an absolute delight to watch. Hey Guys, those who went their ciggie breaks, you missed good songs

One line comedy was the order of the day in VTV. Gautham even takes the micky out of himself where he says 'Yaaru antha tamil padathula english pesa vachu padam edupaare avara?' Appreciate your courage and humour!

This column can't be finished without mentioning Trisha. What a beauty! I You were truly, really, marvellously amazing.

But the movie has it's own weaknesses as well. I wouldn't say dragging second-half as many people have been saying or the repetitive dialogues or the inconsistent Trisha character. It’s the same old love story and a guy desperately trying to come good in Kollywood. The pace at which Karthik gets introduced to director and gets up the ladder is a bit unreal, as it doesn’t happen in Kollywood.

But Gautham has well hidden all these defects if I can say and has given us a real gem and potentially blockbuster.


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Anonymous said...

Thats the same pace i became an AD :)

Anonymous said...

I know that vtv is a gd movie...but don u think its quite boring wen u keep talking abt vtv vtv vtv all the time..this shows tat simbhu has onli done one gd movie all his life..its a bit stop that..i think even guatham himself has moved on to his other project..n don compare other actors..if u wanna talk abt simbhu juz talk abt him don pull in other actors as it is kinda rude..individually they all have their own talents..plz be humble..tx..

Hariharan Naidu said...

it isnt.. when exams get over..we want every kid to watch the movie and to feel the real love..

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