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4:40 PM

Vtv Audio Song- Acapella Version.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

For the first time in ever, we are presenting a new mode of sound quality called ACAPELLA. We are sure, that the  one who gets to listen these songs of VTv in this mode would love it. We thank Samjo511 for presenting his work to Simbu central.

To download the songs Click here. We guarantee a safer download. All the files are checked for viruses as well as for other data errors.

We at Simbucentral like experimenting and working hard to bring the best of talents and to convey our loyalism to our beloved Yss. Thalaivan Silambarasan aka Simbu and we thank all the Fans who login here and support us. Thank you.

- Hariharan Gajendran

Haters talent is to crticicize and humiliate Simbu and Simbu's talent is to be Multitalented.


Naren said...

great.. but seems to be some issues with recording and not able to download mannipaya song due to CRC error

Purush said...

could u pls also upload only the background music of the album without voice?

Hariharan Naidu said...

yeah naren.. mannipaya song has some errors.. we are working on it and we will upload that separately. Remaining songs are awesome with their performance..

and purush : we have already uploaded the background music without voice. You can check at

samjo511 said...

sorry guys.. just give me some time to fix it..

Purush said...

in the vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa BGM I hear also the voice when I´m listening to every songs (e.g.: Hosanna Movie version, Kannukkul Kannai movie version) of vtv but I like to have only the full tune without the voice, if it´s possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hari Im Prakash, I too got d same error wen extracting MANNIPAAYA song !! can u upload a new one plz..

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