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5:47 PM

APril Fool : No way, Fans Know that.. LOL

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Its Yss Silambarasan every where.. Even the media is going gaga on our Young Super Star.

- Hariharan Gajendran


Anonymous said...

No It's not tru.
How you can lie like this.
You don't think it's dirty to say that about Simbu. Yaki

Hariharan Naidu said...

where did we lie.. check the caption .. guy/gal

this was put in a news paper today .. Indian express..and we have shown it here. the thing is .. its for april fools..and u are shouting at us.

how can we ever be disloyal to simbu.. we love him

Anonymous said...

oh my got.
i fall into the net.

Anonymous said...

The above story definetly not adding value to simbu. Useless post from some one who dont have any other work to prove that he is a big fan lol. shame on you.

Hariharan Naidu said...

that was from .. The new indian express paper . and not a work of fan anonymous.

Anonymous said...

nice idea 4 april fool but i think the most people have not believed it :) bc it is really funny 4 all true fans from SIMBU <3!!!! his fans know it immediately that this is a lie !!!!!!!!!

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