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Un Professional act by Lingusamy.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

After Stern reports of Lingu sacking Thalaivan STR @ Simbu, today STR gave a confirmation on what really happened. We all know how our Hero as turned after Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and his career was well restructured with perfect selection of scripts. So here is what that had happened,

According to the reports, Simbu was signed by Lingusamy's Tirupati Brothers in the month of January to be directed by Bhoopathy Pandian. But later Lingu dropped the project and the movie was said to be produced by Dhayanidhi Azhagiri's Cloud Nine with Lingu directing the movie.

Simbu added that " Technically I have not signed any film with Cloud Nine nor have I alloted any dates to them. Durai ( Dhayanidhi Azhagiri) is my close friend and we share a great rapport. Lingusamy has not been able to narrate the script to me till date nor did he tell me the exact dates that he wanted. I waited for over 100 days in vain for his complete script and then I decided to do a quickie Vaanam. I had informed Dorai "As said in simbucentral" about it, before he left to South Africa for the Football Finals and he promised me that we will start the shoot from September 1. 

But I was shell shocked to read reports in the media that Lingusamy has sacked me ! How can he expect me to wait for more than 100 days without a proper script or dates of shoot? I had told him that I will be free from September 1, after 15 days shoot of Pooda Podi in London, which has already been fixed. But he jumped the gun and announces that I have been replaced by another actor ! This is totally Un-Professional and not done. I have nothing more to say. I was true, and my friends and fans are around me. 

- Simbu
Ps : We at Simbucentral with regards to every fan will stand by what STR Says. We wish Lingusamy to have a great future. And we know, that our Dorai won't let us down.


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will simbu act in linguswamy movie or not????

Anonymous said...

vidu will come when lingu will beg for your dates....

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