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Its Party time for Simbu.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It has a been a quite easy ride for our Simbu this season with Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya grossing huge collections and setting up love examples. Simbu is now a busy man, and has quite changed a lot, the character Karthik as evaded his bondness to wild wire and he has lost his attitude to a level. Normally when Simbu's movie releases we can see him announcing his next film in quick succession, but this time its all a surprise to fans and media that he hasn't announced a movie even after the movie completed 91 days.

I personally was quite amused as Simbu never does something like that. So here are the details that we managed to understand and ready to share with the Fans. Simbu is not taking rest. He his shooting for a untitled movie with Lingusamy in and around Chennai. Parts of Shots with Simbu alone are getting shot silently and to the shock , the lead actress is not yet identified. The movie is canned in a rapid force and it is said that the shoot will go on till June 2nd week and after which our brother will leave to UK - London for Podaa Podi.

Again a surprise, now this has to be watched. Normally our Brother Simbu announces his next move, but this time, Lingusamy said that Simbu will shoot Podaa Podi first schedule between June and July and will come back to the sets of his Untitled movie. And again Varalakshmi Sarathkumar said that she was happy to meet the crew by June for the shoot. No wonder, our Simbu is understood only by the Gods.

Recently Simbu was spot at a huge party in Chennai with his friends. He was amused and enjoying each and every moment. Now its time we celebrate too as our VTV is nearing the 100 days mark.

Ps : A reporter I recently spoke with said, brother , your hero seems to be moulding himself into a super star. Every one are praising him, and we are sure that the lady luck is shining on him and let him hold the shine. Well its time that reporters barged him and that they are now ready to support him.

For all Fans we have news that there is a new set of guys who are using our Pictures as well as the Fan page of Silambarasan in their site, claiming they are official. We are not bothered for them saying they are official as we ourself aren't interested on it, but we are worried with the usage of news and images from our site, which serves for the loyal fans as well as we are worried that they will show case our brothers name in a bad way.

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lino said...


lino said...


pressi said...

come on every body..lets party wit our simbu!!!

and pls dnt worry we wont get cheated by the

unofficial fan clubs..we r simbus fan... most

importan is..we r the "LOYAL FAN"...of simbu..we

knws wich 1 is the official dnt worry..

we r always thr 4 u simbu..

aishu said...

jus loved ur quote""No wonder, our Simbu is understood only by the Gods""....very very true...loyal fans r sure to support u bro...keep up the fantastic effort...

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