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11:20 PM

Avoid Rumours Of Simbucentral Being Un Official.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hello Frenz,

On the Auspicious Vinayakar Chahurthi I am here to Deny rumours that, Simbucentral is no more the Official Fans Site Of Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan.

Recently there was huge rumours floating that Simbu has declared a new site as the official one. But to all the Simbu fans here is the proof. Click the link below, Check the officers section. And you can see Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan as a Officer there. I beleive this is enough to prove to the haters , detractors and betrayers.

Click Here For the Link

"There is no need for us to prove. But many Simbucentral Loyalist Asked on the developments."

And again Don't believe any rumors. The Official Status goes only when Lss Silambarasan Gives a Official Statement to Press and puts on his status.

The New Site " The Said to be Official Site by the admin" is handled by a Newbie, who does'nt even know what past tense and present tense is "Horlicks kudi Thambi".

Simbucentral Will Never be Extinct. It always remains in Simbu's Heart.

And those who wanna know more. I am also uploading a new Pic of Silambarasan, which no one in the Online or other groups are kind of websites have. That's simbucentral for you people, the only place of True Fans.


Ada Satthama sollunga paa.. Official Na Simbucentral ; Simbucentral Na Official ;)
Ini Enga AAtam Silambaatam. Loyalty maaa.

Tamilargalin Thaagam ; Tamil Eela Thaayagam.


Mithun said...

gethu ma :) official na simbucentral mattum thaan

arjun said...

rightly said mithun........................

Anoj said...

official na simbucentral... simbucentral na official...

Rajasekar said...

CHINNA THALA and SIMBUCENTRAL rock forever.....

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