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6:16 PM

Simbu denies to act with Tamannah.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Recently many leading online portals reported that YSS Simbu is pressurizing Lingusamy to rope in Tamannah oppose him in the un named flick to be produced by Cloud Nine.

Throwing away the rumors, Simbu has denied that he wants Tamannah to be part of the film and instead he said that, he spoke to the Director to search for some other fresh face instead of Tamannah. Where as Lingusamy wanted her to be in place.

Recently fans all over voted against Tamannah acting with Simbu. They felt that Tamannah takes the success of the movie. So here is the fact, Simbu wont allow Tamannah to act in his movies, so stop believing all the rumors around that he is asking her to act with him. He has better options.

Ps : We are sorry for the previous post that Tamannah plays aside Thalaivan Silambarasan in the movie.

- Hariharan Gajendran


Anonymous said...

i also don't like Tamana act with Simbhu..
It can spoil Simbhu career..
She overact and doesn't have any improvement in her acting wise..
She only fair but not mean she can attarct audience with her skin colour or with her dance skill which not that good..
I hope Mr.Lingusamy will not roped her in this movie..

pooja said...

hey simbhu h r u ? your decision is good

vani said...

i think its wrong to talk bad abt others..individually all of them have talents..its the director's decision on who he wants to cast so juz leave it to the captain of the ship.maybe she herself may not want to act in this film but maybe she is juz doing it cos she respects lingusamy.n lets be fair i think the movies she act did run well..she did not take away success..cant blame a heroine wen a movie doesnt do well..n praise a hero wen a movies does well!..everyone plays a try not to hurt other ppl's feelings n talk bad abt them..juz do yur job well tats it..simple:)..its juz my opinion ppl..n i know deep inside u do agree wit me even simbhu will i guess:D..god bless u

Sangeetha said...

Tamanah is a good actor u noe

Anonymous said...

If someone don't like tamannah leav it
Don't say dat bcos of acting wid her 1ly simbu's
carer will b spoiled
Don't over exagerate!

Hariharan Naidu said...

@ Vani : We never spoke about her.. it was the comment of the fans here. And what we meant to say here was that, Simbu never asked for tamannah as few media sites and papers wrote and that it was the Director who asked for her.

Though we cant forget what she did, when the movie kaalai bombed at the box office, she gave a statement in the tamil daily Dinathanthi that she doesn't want to act with Simbu and that Simbu's movies are not good. But now that VTV is declared a hit and bought all fames to Simbu, she even posed with him for a shoot.

For example, when all her movies started to get big, except for padikaathavan, which many didnt like, she took the credits in her kitty, rather than giving it to the lead actors and the director, It was SUN Tv that made her big. And When Sura bombarded at the box office, she issued a statement claiming that Vijay was responsible as it was his film, now is that good professionalism, if she wud have taken credits for the failures too, then she is a good actress like, trisha, kushboo, jothika and few others.

between its my opinion.

And to Anonymous : bro/sis we never said simbu's career will be spoiled, no way it will happen, he is a star to bring happiness on screen. All we said was she will not act in his movies.

Anonymous said...

i have to say that both tamannaah and simbu are good actors in their own way.....i just feel people should not condemn tamannaah that she takes the success of a movie and she is a bad sura we all agree that it was a film dedicated to vijay sir's fans and her part was very im not telling she should not take responsbility for the failure of sura but she is responsible only about 10% of the failure of the film and the rest goes to the director ,music director,screenplay and 20% for vijay sir....its worth to mention tamannaah also stated that even sura bombed in the box office ,she always admires vijay sir and not condemn him.and the comment about kalaai film and simbu sir , this is the first time i heard about it ,im not sure whether its true or maybe just a rumour ,but even its true ,im sure simbu sir and his fans including me realise that acting career is very stressful and actors usually gives comment that they dont really mean to tell and most of the time their comment are added by the am 100% sure simbu sir did not disturbs the directors for heroine selection as mentioned in some websites .im even a great fan of simbu sir and tamannaah.but i feel bad when i see bad comments about tamannah .....there is no need to condemn about realy sure simbu sir sure will also agree with me as he is a really great and kind person .so i would like to ask not condemn about anyone

radha said...

simbu rockz with or without offense to her but i feel she would not be a good match for our thalaivan....

Simson Joil said...

Well said Hari.

Tamanna does'nt deserve to act with YSS Simbhu.

Simbhu has lot more better option then this fair complexion actress (that is the only thing she has). Tamanna is just running with luck, after few flops she will come to know that she is nothing in front of Trisha Shriya Nayantara Jyothika Simran.

How dare she can tell that she will not act with Simbhu- that stupid actress had to act as a side kick in K.D (Ravikrishna, Ileana film) and also she acted with S J Suryah.

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