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3:25 AM

Happy Deepavali.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

At the time of the Auspicious day Diwali , we are very happy and blessed to wish you all, the Fans, the pillars, the back bone, and whatever you call, Simply the success behind our STR Thalaivan Silambarasan and Simbucentral a very very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Have loads of sweets, mom's food, dress like a super star, and girls dress up gorgeously, pray to god for the welfare of our people and just enjoy.

You can all watch our STR Thalaivan Silambarasan wishing you guys directly tomorrow at 8.00 Am IST at Sun Tv.
And guys and girls, please be careful while bursting the crackers. And if possible please try to serve aides to poor and needy.

Deepavali thina Nalvaalthukkal.
Diwali Dina Subha Kankshalu..

@ STR :  love, love and love, to all my mentors out there. Happy Diwali. Be safe.

@ Hariharan Naidu : As said above.. Just enjoy.


sindhu said...

GOD bless you and your family with prosperity and happiness.
I WATCHED him today on Sun TV,he was awesome,a real sweet heart....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
REally LOVE him so much for what he is.
One classy,awesome,darling,chocopie MAn in the entire UNIVERSE.
just wishing and praying to GOD that bless him with immortal love,happiness & success...!!!!!!

Tk care,b safe,enjoy with friends,family and ur loved ones.....!!

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