STR Silambarasan's Official Loyalists.

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Must Watch Fans and Frenz. Do comment and Express your views. So Far 70,000 more lives have been taken by the Sinhaleese. The Sinhaleese are wiping Tamils with the Help of Few international Countries. Wake up Save ur Race or else U wont be there to speak about it. Simbucentral and the International Silambarasan Fans Federation is getting Mails asking to stop propaganding the cause for Tamils, but we stand forward. We are ready to face the onslaught for the Cause of Fellow Tamilians.

A Lyric From The InternationalSilambarasan Fans Federation President :

Kangal Irukkum Varai intha Avalangalai Paar.
Sevigal Irukkum varai Intha Kora Sathatai Kel.
Ulaga Samuthaayamey... En Inam Aliyuthu..
EN Kulam Vaaduthu...
Vaaaa... Un Iru Kaigalai Thooki vaaa...
Emma Kaatrida Vaa....


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