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7:18 PM

Thalaivan to watch Champions League finals in Rome!

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Silambarasan is busy shooting for his ambitious love story Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya in Malta. The unit will wrap up the shoot by May 25 and guess where the little superstar of Tamil cinema is heading to?

Yes, Simbu will be in Rome on May 27, to watch his favourite football club ‘Manchester United’ play Barcelona in the champions league finals! The game is being touted as one of the biggest games in European club football history.

Speaking to from Malta, Simbu says: “I am a die hard Manchester United fan and simply can’t wait to see my favourite club winning back to back, the champions league title which has never been done since inspection of the champions league format. Ask any football pundits and they will vouch that there simply can’t be a more mouthwatering prospect than to see ‘Man united’ play ‘Barca’ in the champions league finals”.

About his next project Simbu adds: “My next film, which I will be directing is titled as Valiban and contrary to reports in the media, Anushka is not even approached for the film. Nic Arts Chakravarthy is the producer, Yuvan is the music director and we plan to start the film by November”.


Thushana said...

Omdaiz...What a coincident.I love Man U.Simbu should so come to London!!!
I love you!!!
Take care

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