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12:03 PM

LSS Fans Upset With Arya

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Surprising and shocking,

The little known actor Arya, who came to fame with the movie Arindhum Ariyamalum "Of course it was because of Prakash Raj" was constantly seen poking other heroes on their back and trying to pull the legs.

In the last movie Naan Kadavul , which was supposed to be played by the Thala the real God Father , he accepted the offer when Ajith was Ditched. This made the Thala fans to go hay wire.

Now, after a flop he came with Sarvam teamed with Vishnu vardhan again.

This time thinking he his the biggest of biggest "Assuming" He pulled Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan's Leg with few lame dialogues.

But Fans Of Silambarasan understood that it was put up for a Crowd Pulling tactic. Now it has been claimed that all the Fans of Silambarasan are provocating the movie .

It is also reported that the Pirated Cd's will be circulated every where to stop people from watching it. But now it is not required coz the movie is rated a Flop across.

When we contacted Lss . He had just one word, Arya Is a friend. This shows how he respected his friendship and how Arya over took it.

As a Silambarasan fan , lets take a oath not to promote Aarya's movies and also not to watch them at theatres.

Proud being a Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan Fan.


Anonymous said...

yea even i saw de movie 1st day 1st show n was was up by tat dialogue..but lets depromote de movie..n also de movie sucked like nything..n its already a declared flop..always simz rocks..
Proud being a Lss Thalaivan Silambarasan Fan.
-by yor ardent loyal fan siddharth...

Anonymous said...

I hv been regularly following the post, but was disappointed hearing the way you are reacting to this.
Simbu said Arya is a friend, so the problem ends there, don't you gag with your friends? come on guys! Just chill, don't hv to immediately show your hatred and try to bring down someone.
With all respect to your feelings but need to have an open mind.
In Bollywood we see younger actors gag each other in Public shows, and take it in a humorous way.
I think we should not create dispute between people.

Anonymous said...

what is going on..i´m totally confused with this news..

Jonam said...

Yeah i take dis oath ... am proud 2 be an LSS fan ... LSS rocks ...

from Die hard fan

Naveen said...

The comment which i sent yesterday on this post hasn't been published can i know why?
contact me at

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with u ppl but at the same time, i dnt knw y u'r all reacting lik dis! it's jus a MOVIE, a DIAGLOGUE, datz all! so v dnt hav to worry abt it! In an interview said simbu is a sportive man n will tak it easy!! so u simbu fans r behaving lik rubbish, ENOUGH! zip ur mouth understand! u hari, the same, itz not bcuz u'r a moderator of simbu fan dat u hav rights to irritate others!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tel what was actually told in the movie...


actually what was the dialogue..

sufiya said...

stop making such a rubbish issue.its not arya fault,then u guys keep ur mouth shut

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