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12:04 AM

Silambarasan Adds Glory to Slumdog Millionaire

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Silambarasan adds a new shine to Slum Dog Millionaire.

Thalaivan LSS Silambarasan has dubbed for the movie Slum Dog Millionaire and the main character Jamal will have a voice spoken by Silambarasan.

The Re-Recording was done in Four Frames Preview Theatre, present in Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The Director of the movie Danny Boyle was so impressed with Thalaivan Silambarasan , that he immediately hugged him and conveyed his happiness. Now that he has lent his voice for the main character of the movie , the expectation of the film has reached new heights and the tamil distributors have quoted a very high rate for the movie.


Arthi said...

Wen will it release? Will it release in the theatres first?

Anonymous said...

great news, usually dubbing movies will be not up to the mark but with simbu dubbing for the main character it will be a treat for us fans :)
by the way is simz dubbing for Dev Patel, who plays the 18-years old guy?

so when doesMillionaire releasing in tamil?
urs, mini ;)

vijay.s said...

great...! simz always rokz..!

vijay.s said...

great....! simz always rokz...!

Anonymous said...

Wow thats great!!
Simz is the BEST;)
I´m sure he will rock!

Anonymous said...

simbu is great

Anonymous said...

hello sir, we expect movies like thotti jeya..dont go 4 masala movies..eagerly expecting for ur vinnai thandi varuvaya...

Anonymous said...

anyway i would not be able to watch the film as it is NC16 now all of would have a estimation of my age..anyway simbu ..u rock!

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