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12:05 PM

Exclusive :: THALAIVAN

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

May be we are awaiting a Modern Techno Comedy from Thalaivan Silambarasan. For very long time, there are statements from few hard core fans of LSS Silambarasan , on why we are using the word Thalaivan before Silambarasan. And here is the reason. Simbucentral and Simbu Fans always on the lines of Future. Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan is on a trip to Goa with few of his associates. In the pic Ganesh, Thalaivan, Mr Bean of chennai Nandhu, Vignesh Shiva and Abinandan Ramanujam. Its a exclusive Stuff. Dont forget Kamal is working on Thalaivan Irukiran and Simz is coming with Thalaivan.. So what does this mean.. Thalaivan Irukiran. Thalaivan Silambarasan ;)


vignesh said...

hmm.,... good title..

Anonymous said...

:D nice is simz really working for a movie called "Thalaivan"??? it official now?...wont the title be too politically??? dont misunderstand me but alot of people would misinterpret that... anyway hope for a cute romantic story as simz has said recently. we dont want him to enter politics or stuff like that... good luck simz :)

revathi said...

can u post thala's childhood photos pls??

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