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7:09 PM

Entire World Expecting Hosannah and Vtv Audio.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

It is reported in all leading magazines and papers that the clip posted by us, ripped off from BBC is creating a huge wave. First time ever a song has created such an hype even before its release and the composers point is that, he has better songs in the same album.

Whatever it is, we as a fan of Yss Thalaivan Silambarasan and Fans of Maestro A.r.Rahman and Gowtham Menon are really happy as the movie is getting a international exposure. A first tamil song to be telecast in BBC and a tamil song after years is now been sung by hindi speaking people.

The movie has created a huge expectation, not just among fans but also amongst the traders and distributors and with film personalities. With a good promotion and a neat arrangements we can guarantee a block buster of the year 2010 which will be spoken for decades like Mowna Raagam and Alaipaayuthey.

As a fan, all we have to do is to promote the movie, share what is written in other sites and forums. Both online portals and the Orkut Communities has to share the details on any sites that allows piracy and sites that speak bad about the movie. And friends do as much of posters as you guys can wishing the Vtv Audio and then the movie and wishes for the team and mail it to . We will upload your wishes here.

Ps : Audio Will be launched on January 2nd 2010 in Chennai and the Audio Cds will be available from 3rd as per our intelligence.


Hariharan Gajendran


saie said...

this is the mostttt expected tamil album ever.... after sivaji.. and its simbus biggest album yet.. im soo excited

Rajasekar said...

waiting and waiting......this makes our expectation even bigger........we love u simbu.....

i have sent a few posters from

hope you received it

Anonymous said...

Audio will be available tonight

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