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Exclusive : Hq Version Of Yss interview to Galatta.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

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And Here is the text of the Interview.

Genesis of a Star

With a candour like never before, simbu opens up on his life, his movies, his dreams & desires and how he has loved and lost. As top-notch photographer G. venkeT RAm captures this young star’s moods and moments, simbu breaks the myth that he’s a stray bullet and proves that there is more to him than meets the eye. While Priyanka Gopal styles him with easywear from BAsiCs liFe clothing and some knickknacks that match his mercurial nature, simbu ensnares kaanchan with his words and his understated charm...

Simbu is a changed person... and change is not always a bad thing. in his case especially, change is what will take him to a place far removed from his rather notorious image, and let people realize that he is not that hyper, action-seeking hero any more. For an actor who has grown up in front of the camera, it’s always difficult to see the line that separates the reel things from the real. The fog rises and what does Simbu sees more clearly now? That there is so much more to cinema than mass punch dialogues and mass flicks. You can’t blame the young guy for getting carried away by the mass mania, but you sure can stick by him as he takes on a new avatar and embarks on a brand new journey through cinema...

Page 38:

What's new with you?

Just the look or does it go deeper? Well, i like to believe there is something new. if you take my movies that have released so far, they will all be varied, but the only criterion for me to sign them on was whether i would suit the role. i did not have the bigger picture in mind, as in the movies’ impact on my image or career. i just did them because i knew i could! but now, i am rethinking that screening process. as an actor, i have grown up now and i must be able to judge for myself the way every movie i do will affect me personally and professionally. i’m redefining myself and my career moves. i won’t do everything that comes my way. i’ve gotten more choosey.

Vallavan had a lot of gray areas. could that be the reason for its poor show? in real life, when two people are in love, they do not just hold hands and go to the cinema or a park. There’s so much more that happens and i’m not talking just about sex. i wanted the love story in my movie to be different from the usual ones we see in movies. i wanted to add
a touch of reality. You may call it a gray area, but it exists and that’s what i showed in it. When i make a movie, i want it to be unique. i want it to touch a new level. possibly the public did not appreciate my narration.

Black Block on Page 38: [ Vallavan may have touched gray areas, but these areas exist. and that’s what i haVe dealt with in the movie. ]

Page 39:

BUT AS A HERO you have done the typical Tamil mass hero several times. How Come?

As a director, i don’t mind exploring different kind of scripts and characters. but as an actor, sometimes it’s better to go with the popular trend. if the hit formula at the moment is a stunning hero intro sequence, lots of action and a kuthu song, then that’s the movie i will pick. That doesn’t mean i will only do formula films, but off-beat roles require a director who can pull it off beautifully. Sadly or otherwise, it’s the regular mass movies that make more money. but hark! after a complete mass movie like Silambattam, i could have opted to do an action flick with gautham menon, but i picked a nice melodic romance instead.

YOU HAVE AN IMAGE, Won’t your fans be disappointed with romance?

When i decided to do the movie, i told gautham not to worry about my ‘image’. That is something that people have developed in their minds. ultimately, what the die-hard fan wants is for me to give him something good. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya will do that.

VAALIBAN; what’s that about?

It’s about rewriting the rules of movie making! i want to break the mould. i have always been irked by the way a flashback sequence is narrated, technically and screenplay-wise. Vaaliban has a flashback sequence but a witha screenplay you’ve never seen before. likewise, there are rules in cinema where the heroine is portrayed as nothing more than a glam doll. Vaaliban breaks that mould as well. in most movies these days, dialogues are inserted just to get applause. i have ignored that altogether and focussed only on the script and its demands. As a director, i have the power to explore. i am tired of doing the same things over and over again

Black Block on Page 39: [ I’Ve been single for three years now. it’s gotten Very lonely these days. but i’m not looking for Love. Love will find me!]

Page 41:

Music & You: What’s the equation?

I am very passionate about music. i created the characters of manmadhan while listening to music. music inspires me. recently, i have sung for a lot of movies. it’s not for the money, but just for the love of it. i’ve been paid a mere 10,000 once for a song, which i accepted without complaining!

Bay Boy Simbu: That’s the popular notion about you. how did that happen?

I think it’s the work of people who feared i may come up too soon! They envy my talent! it’s somewhat like a movie where the guy you thought was the villain turns out to be the good guy! For me, reputation is what people think; character is what you are. i know who i am, i don’t bother about what is being said about me. When you get to know me well, you will see that i am not like what i am made out to be!

Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain: What’s your pick?

I really hate being restricted by an image and then sticking to roles that suit that image. but the problem is that with me, i have noticed that people judge me in reality by the roles i play in my movies. rumours about me and various actresses began soon after manmadhan. people thought i was the same in real life. being judged like that is very restricting, but i refuse to let that tie me down. if i get to play a villain like Joker in the batman movie, i will happily take it on.

Simbu’S SecreT: Tell us something less known about you...

i don’t like crowds. i need my space, my alone time every night, where i am not Simbu, but just me. no worries, no deadlines, nothing. i’m not hooked on to my mobile phone. i love to stop at a friend’s house in the middle of the night to chat up, while everyone is asleep... there’s no one to point out at me, Simbu... i am just a normal guy at that time. i revel in these personal moments.

What’s Coming Up? What’s going on with you?

On the personal front, i’ve been single for the last three years. it’s got quite lonely these days. So i’m planning to go for some classes and then sign on movies back-to-back. i’m not looking for love. love should find me. i can’t scan every girl who comes by and rationalize if she is the one. it should come naturally. Till that happens, i will keep working, movie after movie without a break!

Black Block on Page 41:


“I am an easy dresser. i buy simple tees, jeans and trousers from brands like armani Xchange and Zara. more than the “design” of my clothing, i am particular about the brand, the quality and the fit. i like quirky clothing, but i prefer part-clean, part- layered styles; like the ones i am wearing now.”


How do you dress a man to show off his personality to the max.? Simbu is young and energetic sometimes and quiet and sombre at other times. his urbanity is the common factor; so a mix ‘n’ match styling suits him perfectly. You can see him in a chennai matter t-shirt teamed with simple
knit hoodie for a light-winter look; or cool blue workman’s fitted shirt worn with regular dark jeans worn in cuffed style and some quirky bright, white sandals; or even with a formal workwear pink shirt teamed with light khakis, moccasins and a new York-style knitted scarf to add to the metrosexual urban male look. Simple, effective, cool! All of Simbu’s styles can be put together at the Basics Life and Genesis clothing stores.

-- END --


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most of the fans still prefer LITTLE SUPER STAR than the new one....

we love to call him the way we have done till date


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machan soooooppppperrrrrrrrr, am a great fanatic of Basics Life, now Simbhu joined in. Wow wat a moment!

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Lovely Pictures.. Thala SIMBU Always ROCKS

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i like 2 knw wen wil vaaliban starts n wat his next project aftr vaaliban ??

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the stills are very superb.its a class hit.
chittoor minnal fans

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