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10:09 PM

Confirmation of what we said in Sify.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Recently we posted the above post on Simbu the Busiest man of 2010. And Simbuworld admin stated that we gave wrong confirmation of K.V.Anand Movie . Now with this article we are making it clear that we give quality informations to the fans and friends of Silambarasan.

Silambarasan is back in Chennai after a month long shoot and holiday in US.
He has completed Gautham Menon’sVinnaithandi Varuvaaya in New York and what remains is some patch work in Chennai.
Quiz him on where he was all this while, Simbu says: “ I headed straight to Vegas for a break and from there, I went to Los Angeles scouting for new makeup techniques for my next film, Valiban for which I will have an all-new look”.

On why he is going slow, he says: “I am not in a hurry. It just happened that I didn’t have any film in 2009. But you can see a lot of me in 2010, as I will be doing three films- VTV will be my first release. I am doingValiban, a project with Bhoopathy Pandian for Lingusamy and discussions are on for films with KV Anand and Venkat Prabhu”. "And guys this is the big director we said in Simbucentral".

Simbu also confirms that he is starting Valiban a romantic film by December 4 in Chennai. In fact, he has two different looks in the film for which he did a mock photo-shoot which we had again posted way back.

Hope and believe, you guys get to know now that we give only the informations that are true.

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Anonymous said...

VENKAT PRABHUUUUU!!!!! great....thats a sure hit, with a hit combo....AHHHH can´t wait...hope they will do the movie soon....its a sure hit....
as we saw on yuvans bday party and at sarojas 100 day function, simz is a good friend of the team, so they will have a great time too.....they´ll rock the space....keep it up simbu

Anonymous said...

are you guys official ??

Hariharan Naidu said...

We are not the running the official fans site. we where once. So there is no questioning on that. We are the loyalite force.. Powerful than any official Crews.

Unknown said...

No need to prove anything here. Hari you rock man :)

Hariharan Naidu said...

thanks bala..

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