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8:38 PM

Kv. Anand with Thalaivan ?

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

There are wide speculations that K.V.Anand the Ace Cinematographer turned Director of Ayan fame is doing a movie with Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan.
It is reported in various magazines and in online media that the director was about to do a movie with Paruthi veeran fame Karthi, but later the director was not interested as the actor asked for changes in the script.

And that the Director did not want the changes to be made and he thought of explaining the story to our LSs, who is currently in New york over the phone.

And it is reported that Thalaivan was happy with the script and that he was ready to do the movie for Anand to be produced by Kalpathi Agoram.

As of now Simbucentral does not have any confident and official confirmation on this. But we will have this checked and will report to the fans world wide. Thanks for the patience.

Any way if this happens it would be a treat to the fans of Silambarasan as the director is a real talent with camera and story narration.


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