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Simbu The Busiest Man of 2010.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The Word Simbu, gets much of joy in the faces of media personalties and the fans of Cinema, that is the value of the star we are following.

This year all Simbu Fans where upset with no release and next year, guys mind it, it is the year of our Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan.

With VTv ready to hit the screens this February and our heroe's Valued project Vaaliban up on his sleeve , and a movie with K.V.Anand. Our hero is here to announce his bio return to the masses next year.

There are various movies which are to be signed by our hero and one such is a movie with Boobathy pandian under the production of Lingusamy which will be a Comedy entertainer and has either Taman or Yuvan as the music director and a surprise movie package with a very big director and with his team, which has a telugu hero sharing space with him.  All the movies will be confirmed once Simbu comes down to chennai and we heard that Simbu is coming to chennai this weekend "16th nov" , but we have no confirmation on the exact date.

It is also said that our Lss will do an other movie with Gowtham Menon and that it will be a Action movie this time.  It is said our Lss is busy till mid 2011 and its all a bonanza package for the fans. Lets spread the joy of Simbu allover. Simbucentral is happy to share this exclusive content with all you guys and gals out there.


Anonymous said...

thalaivaaaaaa........ waiting 4 next year blast

raju said...

kewl :)

Anonymous said...

and who is the big director?

jagadish said...

jagadish,thalaivan rockzzzz forever....

Ramesh Inpanathan said...

Im from Germany but im a really Tamilen .Im your biggest fan when i was 4 years i look all your films and i love your films your the best

SSimson said...

Hey come on

You announce 5-6 projects on simbu and only 1-2 materialises, talk about projects that is ready and set to go.

Hariharan Naidu said...

we have never announced a movie that was not started. simson. what we speak is on cards and you will get to know soon. take care. thanks for the views.

Unknown said...

Hey! Little Super Star... When is Valiban is releasing!!!

jagadish said...

jagadish:hi hari na!!who is that big director? point out the name...

SSimson said...

HI Hari,

Thanks for replying dude,

I was not like blaming for some false news, but it has happened in the past.

I will the person who will be very happy if all the flicks really turn out.

And one more thing, why don't you guys start distributing simbhu merchandise like Tshirts and other stuff, you guys are the official ones.

Well, one of my friend is doing that for A R Rahman, he is a member of a A R Rahman forum and had an idea of creating a Tshirt with ARR on it and he came up with a design and many other members really liked it and now he is selling the Tshirts through eBay and also through other means like online money transfer and even I bought a Tshirt.

You can check that Tshirt on eBay from the link below:

So what do you think, if you give an approval I will start with the ground works and will ask my friend to come up with a design and will let you know or you can also come up with your own ideas.

Reply me at

Hariharan Naidu said...

Sorry we are not the official crew, we dont have any rights to do that and to make money. We are here as a loyal force of Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan.

We never even had an google ad running in our website, thats our dedication.

SSimson said...

I never expected this from the so called Simbu loyalites, dude I am not talking about making money Ok
First understand that.

I am just giving you an idea and I will be proud to wear a simbu designed T shirt and so are the other members of this site.

Why don't you print the Tshirt and sell it to us, without any profit margin.

What do you say???

Or if you guys are not the official ones atleast ask the official people to do that or else forward their email.


Simson said...

Mr President

Please reply to my above question.

Hariharan Naidu said...

it is true that it will be proud to wear a tee shirt with simbu's pic.. u can contact the simbu fans federation president vasu on this matter.. the office is at tnagar , simbu's home.

If they are interested , you can ask them to do it..

we dont have any rights to do it.. thats what i meant to say.. if i want one i wud defn print it in a nearby kodak shop.

Simson said...

Ok fine.

Can you give me the contact details of Mr Vasu..... PH no, Please atlest the email address

But one thing that is irking me is that you told me for making money, BS!!!!!

If you cannot give me the contact address in this public profile send it to me via email

Hariharan Naidu said...

konjam overaa thaan pesureenga simson, what i have said is that we are not the official crew and we are not here to make money , thats absolutely correct. we are here to spread the mantra simbu and not to make money from his name. i said about my team and not about any one.

I cant understand why you are creating a scene here.

And you can go meet the head directly.. we dont have contacts with him.

simson said...

I am sorry, if you feel that way.

But just frustrated that you did not go with my idea and you told about MONEY!!!!

Anyway thanks,

Keep updating all the Simbhu new.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is sugi.You are awesome..........

magi said...

lol i am in chennai wer is simbu house i like to a snap with him... i am his big fan..
tala tala tala..

GURU said...

STR,,,,,,,,THALIVA WEN U GOING TO ROCK N VALIBAN,,,,,,,,,,,,,I LUV U,,,,,,,,,,

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