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9:17 PM

The Collection Say's it for all.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Below we have three Pictures for you to verify on your self. With just one week of collection Young Super Star Starring Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya took all the movies to its feet with the sweep in collections. Even the much publicized big venture Tamil Padam is getting its business hit and no words on Vishal's his movies are not in for competition, still it was publicized by Sun Pictures. In the Next couple of weeks VTv will break all the records of box office collection.

I am Hariharan Gajendran and I am from Simbucentral.


Anonymous said...

Few months back.

I heard you saying something wrong about Behindwoods may be during the Silambaatam audio which was not highly rated

You also told us not to follow this website

Shame on you for doing an Underbulty he he hehe

Hariharan Naidu said...

I normally never allow any such comment that is anonymous. but for yours.. here is the reply

Mr. Anonymous,

Yes, we were indeed very angry with what behindwoods did for Silambaatam audio. But they later conveyed awesome info on the Silambaatam movie, and they also justified us with more and more of information on our hero.

And to say more. Simbucentral is a Partner club of Behindwoods for a very long time. and its like a fight within the family, now that every thing is solved. ;) cheers..

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