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8:29 PM

New Site in a couple of days.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hello all, 

This is a message to the all the fans and an opportunity for all the loyal lites. Simbucentral is coming up with a website at last after a lot a failures to do so. 

We are almost done and we are putting up new works. When we were working on it we thought that a LOGO from a fan rather than from us would be more better as he gets to show is loyalty.  We are doing this to prove that we are a Fans site and not just of one users.

So guys here is the opportunity get the logos done in 2 days and mail it to us at . The LOGOs will be selected by votes. Also do send your ideas on making the website, what you want to see there.

Get Ready for the new website..

This is Hariharan Gajendran and I am from Simbucentral. The Loyal Paradise of Silambarasan


shally said...

hi simbu,
good film,u look great,keep going with ur best work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sksimbu said...

god bless YSS Thalaivan Simbu

Anonymous said...

eagerly awaiting the new site dude....

Anonymous said...

hari can i help u in design ????????

Hariharan Naidu said...

guys who would like to work with us..can give us their designs.. u can mail me..

Ganesh said...


First of all the site shouldn't have much videos in the landing page(home page)so the download/load time of the page can be saved. We can have videos in a specific page.

And moreover all the sites contain chat addon lets add that for us

Just a suggestion from me and I am not good at design however let me send some template and logo design.


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