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8:03 PM

Vtv DVd's to be Released.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

To all those Piracy Mongers,

We are quite worried with these Piracy Mongers, who , let whatever may be fancy watching the movies at their desktops and televisions by downloading from the internet as well as by purchasing the pirated version at the local shops.

And here is a good news to them, instead of spending 30 to 50 Rupees Indian money or by downloading online wasting the current and resources, you can wait till June for the Original Version of the movie Dvd and Blu-Ray Disc.  On the 100th day of VTv , it will be released in a huge stad.

The difference that you get is higher quality, Clear picture, sound, Back ground music, high end visuals, sub titiles in all languages, Dts effect, behind the scenes video, making of Vtv, directors thought, Edited scenes, and much more.

Now, our request is that, if you are one of the piracy monger who doesn't like to watch the movie at theatre, just wait and get this DVD collection and enjoy. Stop downloading and purchasing the Pirated versions. Support your Country, Support your Cinema.

And to all Fans. Spread this around and please ask them to avoid these piracy stuffs, as well as a request to you, please watch the movies in theatres and also buy the original version.

I am Hariharan Naidu and I am from Simbucentral. The Loyal Place for Simbu Fans.


Anonymous said...

We live in San Diego, CA. The nearest theater is ateast two and a half hours drive (Los Angeles). Will this movie come to San Diego?

D.Rajesh said...

hi anna

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