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7:54 PM

Thanks a Ton Friends

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

To Beloved

Mr Hariharan Naidu

-International Silambarasan Fans Federation President-]

26 December 2008

We all as International Presidents of Overseas Silambarasan Fans Federation, behalf of Silambarasan and all his fans worldwide, would like to wish you Mr.Hariharan Naidu, "Wishes you another wonderful year of happiness and joy". Happy Birthday! May god bless you with good health, wealth and great happiness! You're a wonderful person who is very kind and respectful. Thanks a lot for working hard day and night to send correct updates about our Little Super Star Silambarasan to reach his fans. We also would like to thank you for being a good brother and friend. May your dreams come true. All the best to you.

With Love

Behalf of Silambarasan & His fans worldwide

Overseas Fans Federation Presidents

London ------------------------------ Arun Shankar

Malaysia ------------------- Rubathee Nadaraja

Singapore -------------------- Francine Martine

Sri Lanka -------------- Anton Vinoth Kumar

US ------------------------------- Bharathi Rajendar

Canada ------------------------------- Vithya Vivek

Norway--------------------Mathusha Sivapalan


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