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Silambattam is doing great

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

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Of late, Silambattam has been a major cause of traffic jams in some parts of the city! How?! Venture out on the roads abutting the theatres where it is screened and you will know! It looks like all the crowds of Chennai are at the theatres playing Silambattam! This movie has been receiving an astounding audience response and it looks like it will soon join the “kings of box office” list of 2008!

Inside, you would hear all sorts of chaotic expressions of joy. People love it, especially the songs, stunts, and the “Simbuisms”. One should look at the audience reaction to the songs to believe it! ‘Nalamthana’, ‘Vachikkava’, ‘Where is the party’ seem be everyone’s favourites!

Simbu plays two roles in this film: a strong-willed villager and a demure lad who turns violent in the second half. Though audiences enjoy both parts equally, the “villager” seems to more preferred by the public! Surprisingly, though the “demure-boy-turned-macho-man” character has the best songs and dance sequences, yet the other character has left a deeper impression on the audiences' minds. The reason? They have not seen Simbu in such a mature character before – we just have to stop at that to avoid leaking the plot! And Simbu’s Billa getup is a bonanza!

Heroines: Simbu’s heroines are always a topic of discussion just like the Bond girls, and they have an exotic aura, e.g. Yana Gupta and Mandira Bedi. The trend continues in Silambattam too – a wonderful beauty Sana Khan has been introduced in this film. Plus we have Kollywood’s “Mona Lisa” – Sneha, the lady with a beautiful smile! Both these girls walk away with your hearts despite their abbreviated roles and outfits!

Clearly, Silambattam is another feather in Simbu’s cap!

PS: Simbu probably sustained more injuries while attempting those acrobatic dance steps than in stunt sequences! Watch out for those incredibly nimble dance steps! Great!


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