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10:51 PM

Silambaatam Premiere

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

The premiere show of Simbu starrer Silambattam held in Four Frames was an event full of fun and frolic. With youthful “next generation” actors thronging the theatre, the atmosphere was electrifying.

Photos of Silambattam premiere.

Jayam Ravi, Jai, Prem G., Sakthi, Vijayalakshmi, Ashok, Bharath, Priyamani, Venkat Prabhu were some of those who were present for the gala event. Every one enjoyed the film very much, which was obvious from the vociferous expressions of appreciation heard in the hall! Every song and every “Simbuism” was cheered by the audience with thunderous applause. The remix of ‘Vachikava’ (a song from Rajni’s yesteryear hit Nallavanuku Nallavan) seems to be the favourite of all, judging by the intense cheers it elicited.

Well, it was fun till the end! It was an evening to cherish for all these young stars and the cool host Simbu.

Silambattam, which stars Sneha and new girl Sanaa Khan, follows the life of a modest and timid lad. After a few reels, a big twist awaits the viewers, which takes their interest levels to a new high.

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