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11:30 PM

Danush creates a Stir.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

We Warn You Silly.

Hello all. I believe a person who is following a way that the father of nation "Gandhiji" showed for the recent days is kept on provoked. In a recent Pongal Release the movie Padikathavan Starring the ilaya super star "wait Little super star is nothing but Ilaya super star" Danush, there are few scenes where our Thalaivan Lss Kalaigmamani Silambarasan has been targeted. This time the actor has used the Silliest Comedian Vivek to do the work. The scene will be in a note where a side actor will introduce Vivek to Danush. Immediately he says " Ivan Kattam Katti Adippavan" and there will be a BGM "Back ground music" of Kaalai "Vandhutaanda Vandhutaanda kaalai". And they show vivek has a person who speaks a lot and shows a little in action. This has created a ire among the mass fans of the Little super star. The fans have promised to show who they are and are also boycotting the movie.
The actor in a recent interview stated that there is a healthy competition between him and Thalaivan Simbu, but now we can understand that he is speaking a word in the media and shows silly attitude in the real life. I question the actor if he ever dares to face Simbu in person.

Warning to the Chappa " Danush" :

If you keep doing these silly elements, We believe you ll face dire consequence. This is a open warning. Make sure you never do this. I still cant understand what kind of fans you have and what your power is " Super star Marumaganna nee enna Periya Komba" Nee Komba iru aana simbu kitta vambu pannatha.. Pirichi menchiduvom naanga. This is not a local kind of stuff, unakku oru website irrukka? , illa atleast oru online fan club irukka? nee laam ethukku malai oda mothura. First Sontha kaal la nillu. Varata.


Anonymous said...

fantastic bro....

Anonymous said...

sema... meratta;l.. machi!!

Anonymous said...

naidu ungaluku vera velaiyae illaya
u kno sumthin.....u r been targeted really bad....
bro be careful with ur words
simbu s gettin bad name bcoz of ur words
worst ever fan!!!!!

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