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9:32 AM

Silambarasan to Fly Back

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Little Super Star Thalaivan Kalaimamani Silambarasan Will be back to the home town after a enjoyable trip in HongKong for New year. The year has started with flying notes as Silambaatam is grossing huge collections and with enormous support from fans and others. LSS Silambarasan will be back this sunday. Thats on 11th of Jan. He will be moving to Canada probably on 15th or 16th of Jan For the official Pooja of Poda Podi.


lax said...

hey simbu wats up..?my name is luxsan from canada....i wanna let u know silambattam movie u know how that tamil get up with lil long hair and misai u should give that style in one other movie...that style reali lookin nice on u simbu ...i know its not in ur hand because some one have to come up with a story that suit to that tyle ey ye..oh ye and i like ur faux hawk hair style...lately i saw u in MMa show so ye..arite simbu have best 2009yr seeya buh byeee...if any thing email me

Anonymous said...

hai simbu....happy new year...ur acting s too good...i like ur way of speach...keep doing good movies...good younger to u,so i dont know wat 2 tell u.....any way....byeee.... my mail id s

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