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7:41 PM

Simbu Sings a other song

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Simbu has sung a song (‘Karuppai’) for Aadhinarayana, which stars Meera Jasmine and two newcomers in the lead. Producer S. Balaji said this song will prove to be a highlight of the film.

The song is a fast number and it is said that the song has come up really well.

Now a days we can see LSS Silambarasan singing lots of songs. Even in the recent movie called KULIR he sang a song which became one of the box office hits . His previous song thanni Karuthituchu is already a great grosser.

The Production team is all praise for the star to come down and sing the song , without seeing the star status he is on.

This shows the attitude and his ambience of respecting the co workers as said opposite by the other media.

Silambarasan will be singing an other song for Dhina who is composing a music for Subramaniyapuram hero.


vita said...

hi there,,,,
can u guys help 2 upload the song which is sang by simbu...
its quite difficult 2 find in other websites////
thanks alot...n pls upload

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