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10:52 AM

Its a heavy party this February 3

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Fans beleive it, we have a good news. We believe there is going to be a huge party at the Fans Club for the 25th Birthday celebrations of our LSS Thalaivan Silambarasan.
It is also said there would be a special blood donation camp a day before so that the party is full the next day.
Book distributions, Clothes distributions and stuffs would be given to the needy and poor by the fans club members and donors.
Simbucentral will cover the entire occasion to the online fraternity every one hour.
People who wish to come to the Fans club on Feb 3 can come and meet our exclusive team there.

We also request all the Loyal Fans Fraternity to come to the occasion and make it a memorable day for the hero.

Anna Ungalai Vaaltha Vayathillai ;
Ungalai Vananga varugindrom ;
Manam Thaluva Varugindrom ;
Un Siritha mugam Kaana Nirkindrom .

Ippadikku Ungal Anbu Rasigargal


sidd said...

hey then can we meet our thalaivar on feb 3 ah...????

sidd said...

hey then can we meet our thalaivar on feb 3 ah...????

Anonymous said...

hey isn't silambarasan turing 26???

Mr.President said...

nope he is completing 25 and 26 starts.. so it is a 25th bday..
he was born in feb 3rd 1984.

and sidd.. of course you can meet the star there..

Balaji said...

where is de meeting place?

Anonymous said...

...oops srry..i thought he was born on are couple of websites like wiki and imdb that quote his bday as being feb 3rd of 1989)

p.s. does that mean you guys get to meet silambarasan for real??? do you guys live in chennai??? thatz soo awesome...tooo bad i don't live india,as a matter of fact..not even close to india...sad...well have fun guys...cheers

Anonymous said...

Where is it???

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