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11:05 AM

6 Awards For Silambaattam.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Its not Just Six Awards . The highlight of the show was Simbu's 2 mins act after he took his best dancer award...Dedication to MJ !! It was so awesome and so perfect.He stole the show and the hearts. Thalaivan Silambarasan has always showed that he is different. Just wait and watch the show that is soon to be aired in Isai Aruvi.


anonynous said...

This shows the power of silambattam..
or Thalaivan in Silambattam..

ppl knows....

and thanks to silambarasan central team who are updating every fan by these cool enjoyable stuffs.....instead of being an officiated team u can also be an exclusive team to post exclusive items....

jai ho thalaivaa..

jai ho simbucentral

Arthiga said...

im soooooooooo proud of our thalaivan and YSR and every single cast and crew member of silambattam!!!!
the shows the tru meanin of the name "lil super star!!"
very proud of ma hero!
oh, btw, after the show cums out on the net, can u post it on simbu central????
i wanna watch it sooooooo badly!

Anonymous said...

wow..... this is really cool. Congrads Simz.
Please post the time the show will be aired when u get to know it.
waiting to c simbu perform...

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