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12:40 AM

Simbucentral Stand For 2 Decades now.

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Hi all.

I am proud, I am happy , i am possesive to say this , Simbucentral has stood up for 2 decades now.
We have seen many changes. We have seen many interference. Still we are here. For a simple reason. Thalaivan Lss Silambarasan.

We started ourselves in yahoo groups , which was hacked later in 2008. Then we started with our own website which was again hacked by haters.

Later we maintained a strict team and a strict routine to show case our knowledge on Thalaivan . And here we are. With constant updates . We never Miss a single article.

We have seen Politics on running the website. But with all your supports. We are only happy to produce more updates.

Now We have planned to launch a website instead of blog site. So people always use to open the site.

We will come up with the site very shortly. And to pronounce the sites name to every simbu fan. Coz there are vicious eyes who are taking simbu fan for granted.

Thanks again for all your support.

Yours Admin

Hariharan Gajendran
International Silambarasan Fans Federation

Tamilargalin Thaagam Tamil EEla Thaayagam.


Anoj said...

Proud of you Hari and our every LSS THALAIVAN fanz...

Great work...

Arthiga said...

great teamwork...
but one doubt, hari: thalaivan is scting as a hero for nearly 8 years, so wat did u have to write for the other 12 years?

Anbarasu Love Simz said...

Happy to be a part of this wonderfull team... thanks hari for this oppurtunity

Mr.President said...

arthiga.. simbu is acting for more than 4 decades now ;) and any way on year 2000 I started a yahoo group for him coz at that time he was dancing for Tr sirs movie Sonnaal thaan kathala.. I loved his attitude.. is way of attention and was a very small group by then..
and i was learning yahoogroups. ;) later fans started to emerge. and it was all at the best..

and when his thottijaya came we registered ourselves with his fan club. and from there it is a huge rise in the bar graph.

now we have our own Fans federation with officers and other ranks.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand.... What do u mean 4 decades. Simz is only 25 yrs old now. Then hw can he act for 4 decades?????

Mr.President said...

1 decade = 5 years.. "in our mind"

mr . anonymous

Anonymous said...

it can also be mrs or

anyway...thanks hari ....for ur upcoming work ,....ur growing day by day not only by ageing..but also ur hard work and fame

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