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11:09 PM

Exclusive : Simbu with Trisha "Personal Pics"

Posted by Hariharan Naidu


Anoj said...

nice pics...

anu said...

Hiii admin, i want to ask u something ! Humm where does u take this pictures, i mean the new pictures of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya. I suppose in Facebook of Trisha or Simbu.
Soo if u dont mind, can u take some Trisha's photos of VTV for me plz ? :S
If u dont want, its ok. Its just for my blog =)

Mr.President said...

anu these pics where got from ur side..u know that why are u testing us.. i am sure..u are getting tons of pics from trisha..

lets work together for the movie.. and we normally get access to all the pics not from Facebook.. but from the hero directly..coz we are the official and only online network for the entire fans of silambarasan.

anu said...

ohhh i see but can u take some photos of trisha for me plz ? If u want :)

anu said...

A picture of Simbu 4 u :

Unknown said...

This is bhuvana, I Like Trisha

so all the best for this project for VTV

With regards

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