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1:24 AM

Vallavan Spl Song Bit

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

As Promised earlier, we are releasing the song of the vallavan movie. The song that is not yet released and which is the recording version of Vallava Ennai Vellava..


We know people will use this and from now say that they released.. We are least bothered. As all Silambarasan Fans know that we are the best.


thalavaan simbu said...

Suuper song

rasithra said...

super song, specially my simbu voice

Arthiga said...

great song!!!
buut im reeeeeely confused!!!
wuz this guna b in vallavan, b4 the idea of vallava ennai vellava came up?
sum1 plzzzzzz answer ma question!!!
once again... gr8 song!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey guys
can u tell me when the songs of vinnaithandi varuvaaya are going to be released?

madhan said...

nice song simbu

abi said...

i already has this song.. super voice by my lss simbu

Anonymous said...

oru kelvi simbuu

manmathan padathil oh mahire song een veli verele ????

Anonymous said...

hello simbuuu

can we downloud the song from the vallavan movie the record version ennai vellava pl

i love this songs

cann uu give me the website ti donwloud this song

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