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11:51 PM

Chennai Warriors Vs Andhra Kings

Posted by Hariharan Naidu

Sounds like a war doesn’t it?

It’s the 20-20 fever haunting the towns that would almost look like an edge-of-the-seat thriller every minute. Well, here’is something more electrifying for the filmy buffs as well as the cricket fans.

Leading film stars of Tamil and the Telugu film industry have decided to gear up for a cricket match with each side playing 25 overs. This game will take place on March 7 at Chepauk Stadium, Chennai.

The Kollywood stars’ team will play under the title of ‘Chennai Warriors’ while its counterparts from the Telugu Desam will be called the ‘Andhra Kings’. The Chennai squad has whole lot of handsome young hunks in the likes of Aarya, Silambarasan, Bharath, Srikanth, Jeeva, Ramana and many others.

Dr. Rajashekar will be the skipper for the ‘Andhra Kings’ team with Sai Kumar, Udhay Kiran, Nithin and many more happening stars forming the team. And if you want to witness this glitzy cricket match a ticket will be yours for INR 100.

And with what happened in Lahore yesterday we can expect a tight security for this cricket match.

Event Hosted By : JK Ritheesh.

Captain Chennai Warriors : Silambarasan


lavaniya said...

yeah it is..wooooow

Anonymous said...

hari anna, y nwdays got no daily poster?

Mr.President said...

The First schedule is over and we have given all the pics.

once we get the next schedule started we will come back with the daily posters.. thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

ok bro...we will wait for that....

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